Sunday, October 19, 2008

New art on our wall!

Our foyer area now has this new painting by an artist that B and I just adore. Yes, of course, it is obvious - it is KB's art. It is special to us for couple of reasons. He is so particular about certain things, especially when it comes to getting his hands dirty, that if he touched paint while painting with a brush, he would ask me to wipe it off right away. It would really bother him.
So it is really amazing for me that he managed to actually dip his hands into paint and create some art with it.

This piece is special also because he did this in the new drop off program for preschoolers - when I was not with him in the classroom. This is the fourth time he has gone to this class. The first time I stayed in the classroom. But KG was distracting the other kids, so they told me I had to stay outside the classroom. It is a large classroom with bay windows that opens into a huge lawn of green in the park outside which has really nice play structures. This program runs on T,W,Th,F from 9 to 11.00 a.m. The second time I took KB there, I had no choice but to leave him in the classroom and wait outside in the park area where he could not see me. He cried a couple of times but because that day's activity included playing outside in the park, he calmed down after some time. He saw me in the park and went back into the classroom and stayed there the rest of the time without crying. The third class itself, he went in looking like he was about to cry but stopped crying and had a nice time. On last Friday, the teacher told me that he participated fully and had a really nice time answering their questions and dancing along during the "song and dance" time. They have a craft time every class - he made a jelly fish the first class, a rainbow fish with sparkles (using a paper plate) the next class and this painting the last class.

At this drop off program, they do pretty much all the activities that the school he was in does on a regular day. Story time, snack time, play time, song time and in fact they have a dedicated craft time where they have a particular activity planned for the day. The difference is that this is not called a preschool only because it is a drop off program for which you can pay for each day. So it may not be the same set of kids each day. I am now actually considering sticking to this program for the rest of the year rather than going back to his old school. I really liked his old school but I guess there is that fear that he may cry again there and partly a mild resentment towards them for not having tried hard enough (to give KB the chance to get used to the school rather ask me to take a break for a month and then bring him back).

At some level I feel the point of going to a preschool at age three is to get exposed to other kids, socialize a little and be away from the secure feeling of a home environment for sometime. This program provides all of that. The only thing it doesn't provide is a steady set of school friends - kids who come every day to this class. KB anyway meets a few of his friends couple of times a week. And he has KG at home to play with, fight with and learn survival skills with too! (On a side note, he nearly gave us a heart attack when all of a sudden he just pushed KG's rocket rider to the muddy area in our yard and she fell and hit her head on the wooden fence. Thank heavens she didn't hit the edge too hard or she would have been in the hospital now bleeding away! Surely they are both learning some serious playground survival skills here!).

I have not decided fully on staying on in this program but this is what I am inclined to do. He is having a great time here. The teachers are all recent college graduates working for the city who conduct this program. They are young and energetic and all of them are licensed and have some early childhood education. I feel a little nervous when I talk to hyper-super moms who will only send their kids to Montessori where they could potentially learn a lot more academic stuff. I don't know if KB will lag behind in that respect when he turns four but for now this seems more than enough to me. And bottom line to me, he looked really happy at this place the last two classes. The teachers address him by his first name and give him high-fives and seat him on their lap and what not. I wanted a place that will nurture him and make him happy. If it continues this way and he looks happy, I am inclined to forgo my (hard won) admission into the other school and stick with this for age three.

And that is the story of the new art work adorning our foyer wall!


Gauri said...

That's awesome Noon :) Really - amazing :) Loved KB's artwork.

And regarding the school/montessori - I'd say trust your instincts Noon. Initial stages - if they're happy at school - it sets the foundation for a lifetime of happy schoolgoing days :)

Mama - Mia said...


firstly kudos to the artist!! the painting looks absolutely beautiful!! am quite sure i cant make something half as prety and neat!

and really happy to hear that KB is enjoying this new place! i think academics are anywayz for life. if KB is happy in this place, it must be totally worth it! :)

all the best!



Preethi said...

Awesome artwork Noon.. and glad to know you found a program that he likes!! As for friends.. even with school friends, these kids seem to forget them very soon.. so he can make steady friends next year!! Also there maybe some kids who are consistent with the drop off program as well!! :)
Glad to hear this!!

Collection Of Stars said...

Great Noon.
I am glad you found this program. If this works for you, then I would say continue with it.
Loved KB's art work :)
I am in the same boat. Started KT at a play school and she could not adjust. Even threw up once. I have stopped sending her to that play school now. Will try my luck after a couple of months at our new place.
I am really glad things have worked out for KB. Having gone through a similar experience, I know just what you guys must have gone through.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

As far as montessori is concerned, I think at age 3 it hardly matters. If KB is enjoying his time here and you are satisfied about other aspects like safety , cleanliness, teachers you must give this drop off a serious consideration.
But, please do not have resentful about the teachers in the old school (though its hard not to) and let that not be THE reason for KB not going there.
Btw, a treasured art work indeed !!

Anusha said...

really cool, Noon! the artwork, the new place and a new start - all of it. an email frm me is long overdue, pls pardon the delay, things are kinda insane at this end. will write soon, promise.

Neera said...

Aah ..the picture is too awesome for words and you have framed it already - such a doting mom KB is lucky to have :)
Can't tell you how glad I am that the new program is working so well for both of you. Playing out time really does wonders for most kids. In fact thats what made it relatively easier for Vansh at the summer camp. And I agree about your thoughts about the role of a school at this age.
And since you mentioned it, I too have to admit I get nervous too when I see kids this age going to Kumon and learning addition and what not!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

A) I adore the painting! It's bright and beautiful and child-made!

B) I am totally loving the sound and concept of this drop-off prog. The biggest 'Yay' factor for me is that KB seems happy and adjusted, and I think that is what counts!

Way to go!!

noon said...

Gauri - thanks! Esp coming from you - the one who does really nice craft work with the kids...
I am very inclined to go with this school...but just a little nervous that this is not a proper preschool - like with tons of students and a playground where some 30 kids are out at the same time etc etc...the other option is that I could take him to his old school two days a week and this program two days a week. Not sure if that is needed even at age three...B thinks that might be a better idea. Like you said I want him to be a happy child first - learning will happen automatically if he is a happy and confident child...but still it is so tempting when you have a child who grasps things well - to just thrust more and more learning material at him...I consciously avoid the push - but it gets confusing at times - if I am taking it too easy!

Mama-mia - thanks! :) Yeah really hoping he settles here and is happy all of this year...

Preethi - that is my hope too - that next year he can form a steady set of friends. I may just go back to that first school for next year...

CofS - KT is much younger also na? I mean at least a few months younger...I think early three's are hard - I think at 3.5 most kids seem more ready for school.
I am hoping KB will like this program enough for me to not even stay in the park outside but drop him and come home and pick him up in two hours...let's see.

noon said...

CA - for now this place seems fine. Not for age four. Am looking around for a proper school for age four. I may just go back to his school W for age four. Although they don't really teach much there...they believe in child directed, play based learning only. But am sure kids there also do fine in KG. Montessori materials seem so fun when I see them - so am a little eager to give him a chance at trying that...let's see. No, that is not the reason am not going back to school W now - just that if he cries again and they again tell me to take a break it won't work well...

Hey Kodi's mom - don't even worry about it - I know how busy you must be - staring work again, settling in a new place, two kids - your hands are totally full - I totally understand!
Thanks! :)

Neera - not so much because of being a doting mom - just that we had this nice/pricey frame gathering dust in our garage and also I wanted to change the art we had in that spot for a long time chumma just tried fitting this in and it fit. That's why it's there! :)
OMG - kumon even at age three?! Your kids don't need it girl - they have math whiz mom at home! :)

Mammamia - thanks! :) I shall make a huge frame of his next painting and send it to you! ;)
Hopefully he will continue to paint - I still can't believe he dipped his hand in paint - that itself made me love this program - he is so finnicky!

aMus said...

A) loved the art work...those little hands created magic, didn't they? :)

B) as for the program, go with your heart and KB's smiles...its important that the child has a positive attitude to school else you will be in for a long battle...some children need more time to sort out things in their minds...

molarbear's posts said...

The painting is so colourful...very bright....loved it, and your account of it!

Praveen said...
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Praveen said...

oh am late here.

The art work is really beautiful!!! get him some clay too, am sure he will do an amazing job with it.

glad to know KB is coping up in the new place. I hope the schools in india start this way rather than ABCD. sigh!!

Mystic Margarita said...

The artwork is awesome, Noon! KB is truly gifted! :) And so glad that the new prog. if working out so well - fingers crossed.

dipali said...

The painting is lovely. Better still is the news that he is enjoying the
drop-off programme. I'm sure things will work out fine.

Usha said...

And it is really pretty!