Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get me to write!

Oh God - please someone make me write again! I so badly want to - but every night I am either too tired or too lazy to log in and write a new post! I so badly want to write stuff so I remember at least a few snippets later.

Is any one still reading me? I know, Aryan you are, since your comment is new! Good to see you back!

Sorry folks - for those who bothered to check - for not writing any new posts! So much happening. Not that that is an excuse!

Let me give a quick update.

- KB's cast is off (was removed on Apr 14). We went on a trip to my brother's place for four days - soon after got back from that trip, the cast was off. He seems to have healed well based on the X-ray and the range of movement - thank heavens. Knock on wood. Anti jinx etc etc! :) KB who was crying school and had me really worried that he was regressing just magically stopped the day his cast was off. I felt really bad for even trying to get him to go to school when he probably felt insecure deep down because his hand was in a cast.

- KG is wild as ever - loves to jump even while walking. Just jumps and hops instead of walking even at home. And the stairs are her favorite. Well, after KB's fall, I became more paranoid and could not handle the stress of the two kids chasing each other up and down the stairs inside the house. I knew that once my mother or my FIL come to stay with us, I would have to cook a lot more and I was afraid I would let the oil burn if I heard one of the kids fall! So I decided that we should move to a single level rental home.

- I have been busy house hunting. Finally found a place, carpeted, with a nice backyard and fairly spacious as well. But it is older than the house we are in - so takes some getting used to - older looking fixtures in terms of style. Although newly painted and in a neighborhood with a good elementary school (KB should be joining KG in 2010 unless I decide to hold him back a year before he goes to KG).

- We move this coming Sunday. In the meanwhile, KB has been sick since Sunday. He went to our neighborhood park to fly a kite with his dad while KG and I ran all over the field. That evening both kids are all healthy, happy running all over the place. Next morning, they wake up dull with a fever! Damn these viruses! Since Tuesday KB has been coughing non stop - I felt like heart would literally break. I took him and KG to the doctor on Tuesday morning. After chest exam and nebulizer treatment, they said his chest was clear. No need for antibiotics. We get home - but he continues to cough. He could not eat any solid food. Any liquids he drank also, he could not keep it in because of the cough. Wednesday morning, again I took both kids (B was very busy at work those two days) to the doctor by myself. Again the same thing. Just a bad virus they said. But Wed evening, the cough was unberable for me. I told B to come home asap and take KB to urgent care. There, the doctor prescribed "Prednisone". Finally after a second dose of Prednisone this morning followed by a nap early afternoon, KB woke up without the terrifying cough. I would dread mornings and night times because especially after lying down, he would just cough so unbearably. Again, he has been so patient through all this the last three days. In fact he consoled me so many times that slowly, if he kept drinking water, he would "defeat" the virus! :) He keeps listening to my conversation with the doctor, with my sister who is a pediatrician and to my conversations with B - so he picks up all these things and talks like he is a doctor himself. This morning, when I told him ina frustrated tone, "I don't know what to do KB...I have taken you to the doctor thrice and given you medicines...the cough is just not going away. It is going to take some time". He tells me "But they have not done a chest X-ray for me!". (To rule out bacterial infection!). His getting better has been the best birthday gift for me. It was really killing me to see him suffer like this and not eat anything for three days in a row. God please keep these kids healthy. In the meanwhile, KG has been constipated and is also congested. But she became cranky etc only after KB got better - so at least I could manage them both one sick kid at a time! Thank heavens for small mercies!

So that's the update! My mother is going to visit us soon after we move to our new place. KB is excited that his "Patti" will be here soon. Am looking forward to seeing them interact with my mother. Hopefully after we settle down, I will be able to write a little more frequently!

Hope you are all doing well!