Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hopeful 2011!

I had planned out grand posts in my mind to resurrect my idle blog into an active one at the start of the new year.  Well, grand posts fade in my head when I sit down to write late at night.  "Tomorrow" is the key word that springs to mind.  So finally I am giving up on the grand post and just writing something I over heard and brought a smile to my face when KB and KG were talking while they were watching TV.

KG (who is 3.5 now) shouting to me from the living room - Mamma, today I won't "veral chappi" (suck on my thumb) because I don't want bacteria to get into my stomach. 

KB (who is 5 yrs 4m now) telling her - No!

KG - Yes!

KB - NO, that's not the problem.  If you veral chappi then your teeth will stick out like a Saber tooth tiger!

That's the funny part when these kids talk to each other.  He doesn't try to dumb it down for KG because she is younger than him.  If he thinks she will look like a Saber tooth tiger, he assumes she knows what such a tiger looks like and says it matter of factly.

Update to the mole situation from my last post.  We consulted three dermatologists and all three of them feel it is atypical and it is better we have it removed.  It has to be under general anesthesia because of the way KB is - very aware of his surroundings, anxious, sensitive.  They said it is better to do it that way than attempt a local shot. It is probably going to take an hour - I am dreading how I am going to convince him to wake up and come with us to the hospital at 6.30 a.m. in the morning.  But if the insurance approval comes through, it should get done end of the month.  My stomach goes in knots when I think about it but I am trying to calm myself down about it and not think about it until the day of the procedure.

KB is enjoying his Kindergarten and KG is loving her preschool.  It is such a joy and a heart break to see them at school.  Esp for KB - being amongst the younger ones and being a gentle one, as a parent I am learning to stand back and let him sort things out to the extent I can.  His growing pains are mine too.  I joke to my friend that I am also now studying Kindergarten!