Monday, October 17, 2011


I have written so many little posts in my head since the last time I posted here.  But I have not managed to type it up and actually post it in this space.  I will hopefully get back to writing again soon.  In the meanwhile, here is a video/interview I saw recently which I was so moved by.  It is always inspiring when you come across people who win against all odds because of sheer will and hard work. To think that this person was working in a farm, toiling in the sun and didn't know a word of English and is now being interviewed by so many people and has treated so many patients in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world...sometimes I feel I see that higher power that we call God in these forms.  There is some higher power at work and it protects, lifts and carries the person through to a destination above the ordinary considering the odds.  I hope you are able to spare the one hour to watch this video.  It is something our kids (when they are say in 5th grade or so) should watch to get inspired.