Thursday, February 11, 2010

When imagination runs wild!

I keep telling myself that a)I should post more often no matter who reads it, at least I can read it at some point. b) I should write about KG more often.

I have done neither. And sorry, this is yet another post about KB (Kutti boy no more - he turned 4.5 this month and he was super excited about it). Shoot me!

OK, I promise, once I am done with this post (in two parts), the next one will be about KG. A Mama-Mia style post about KG.

Back to my KB post. I can't remember what the context was, but KB once argued with me "How come that is possible?" and I said "Well, it's OK, anything is possible in your imagination". That seems to have been ingrained in his mind. That and of course the fact that he is 4.5 now and is full of imaginary scenarios and full of questions.

If I read a book about the human body, he has to "invent" a bone or a muscle. If I read a book on dinosaurs, he has to "invent" a dinosaur. Stories - of course - he loves stories so much - he "invents" so many of them. The other day, finally I decided to pick up any random thing I found and just write a few of the things he has invented! He sat down like a guru in his little "Elmo couch" while I picked up my 2009 diary and sat on the floor while he listed his "inventions" for me to jot down! These are exact descriptions as he gave it to me that I wrote down in my diary. It was quite the funny scene. Here are some of them for your/my amusement!

Did you know

1) Igla - is the name of the "Thumb bone"? And "Obstrator" is the bone that helps you move your arm?

2) Nascapulae - is a muscle in the stomach that drains bath water when it goes down the throat (while daddy puts soap water on KB's face).

3) Inzotek - a machine invented by KB (picture drawing will be posted later) - that can do lots of things. It can make a dinosaur alive if you put dinosaur DNA into it.

4) Chanberian Cheetah - It is a new kind of Cheetah. It roars loudly. It is faster than the well known Cheetahs and it lives in South America. It could eat people by running very fast behind them.

5) Salonthologist - is a person who studies these Chanberian Cheetahs.

6) Saber toothed snake - It has little black stripes and it is half orange and half yellow and it coule stick out its tongue very long. It has fangs that is the shape of a saber tooth.

7) Dezmiradasaurus - It lived in the Triassic period because it was one of the oldest dinosaurs ever. It was 40 tons in weight and 80 feet tall. It is so big, it can even butt all other dinosaurs. It has studs, spikes and horns and a club in its tail. it has very strong bones and then it had knife teeth.

8) Gerbivore - the Dezmiradasaurus was a gerbivore - it eats everything - water, leaves, meat, bushes, sand, rocks, mud.

9) Hupplegut - this is my most favorite one of his "inventions". Hupplegut is a kind of fruit that has vitamin A, B,C, D, E, and K and it has lots of all these vitamins. It is crunchy like a carrot. It is green on the outside and white on the inside.

I will write a separate post on his story and super hero inventions!