Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Connecting in cyberspace

My old laptop is beginning to show it's age and it had begun to slow down a lot.  I got a new laptop few months back - twice in fact - but both times I had to return it.  First time, it was because there was some screen issue.  The next time it was because I didn't like the off center keyboard because of the number pad.  Today, by chance, I saw a laptop that might work for me and we decided to get it.  I was trying out the new laptop.  I suddenly thought of checking my blog site to see if it still worked.  Funny thing was I could not remember the password and I could not log in to write a new post.  It took me a while to recover my password and be able to write a new post. 

What motivated me to even write was to connect with a friend who I often wonder about...someone I have made a deep connection with but have never met...like we all do in the blog world.  But differently so in this one because I have never emailed her nor even exchanged much information.  I wonder about you my friend.  Friendship does not have to follow rules of how much information you know, how many times you have corresponded etc.  In the caring you feel, in the warmth that is exchanged, in even an instance of eye contact or in this case comments read, a human bond can be established.  I hope and pray you are in good health now.  I am writing this post only in the hope I will hear from  you.  I wonder what happened to your MIL.  I wonder how you are coping yourself.  How your son is doing.  How your sister is doing and if she is with you now? Please write to me dear friend.  Either in the comments or in an email.