Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Riddle-me-Ree, Who can she be?

Greetings wonderful MTBs!!!

and good work to all of you!

For having solved the riddle before

I give you all this clue.

The letter " P "

Write it down, add it on...

And let’s move on to the next little song.

“Her name means night

The travails of parenthood she doeth write

Her blog is about her two tots

That drive her up the wall

She plays, she colors, she shares their glee

Just how much more cosier can it be?

Who is she?”

Solve it and you get your lead

Misguess, and you lose your speed

Solve it slow but solve it now

And before you go, take a little bow

Go to 'Comments' and leave me a clue

Tell me which blog you are off to.

Good luck! Good luck! Be on your way.

You have your work, cut out for the day!


Aryan-Arjun said...

What is this puzzle roaming around..Even in Daisy's blog I saw a different version of this...

B o o said...

Poppins said...

Nisha !

Lavs said...


Maggie said...

Her name is night, you just can't miss-her
The only one it can be is Nisha!

(Sorry about the appalling rhyme - I'm running out of ideas :-) But I do want to leave each one of you a return-rhyme. Thank you so much for this treasure hunt - it was so much fun!)

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Just read your message Noon, it was beautiful. Wonderful pieces of advice that I KNOW I am going to dip into.

Really, that idea was just awesome, it's going to help us tremendously in the months to come when we're feeling low or stressed out by all the duties we have.

Anonymous said...

Nisha (that's the night bit - couldnt figure the rest!)

Unknown said...

The first line helped..a wholeee lot...

noon said...

MTBS - was so much fun! Am sure you will know when you look "behind the scenes"!:)
Mags - awesome job on the return rhymes! :)
Poppins - thanks so much! :)

Lavs said...

Now I can see how wrong my guess was!!!

Off to Nisha's now.