Thursday, October 18, 2007

Schmooze Award


This award is “for bloggers who “effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.”

Thanks Poppin’s mom and Mnamma for giving me my first (and possibly the only one) award in blogosphere! With my usual self- deprecatory humor, I saw this and said to myself “Oh no, let me hide under the table! I don’t deserve any award! Me? I must have created a false impression somehow!”. A friend once sent me the text of one of those self-doubting letters from Nehru to say even great/famous people worry about such things and that I am not unique in that! "Ok thanks, I am not unique!"

Moving on, like Madmomma says here, I too am a little ambivalent about getting a “Schmooze” award – just because of the word and the connotations it has! But the spirit with which it was awarded makes me feel good. The kind words from Mnamma and Poppins totally made my day!
And Poppin’s mom – Innocent?! Me?! J Am afraid to know what you will think of me if you really get to know me! Am wary of creating false impressions without even realizing it!

People blog for different reasons, some are serious about it, some do it occasionally, some do it to vent, some to just time pass, some to meet new people….
I started blogging only to be able to easily post comments on my niece’s (cousin’s daughter) blog posts. And wondernoon was a name I completely randomly chose when I was creating a blog name. A good friend, for no real reason calls me “Noon”. And I do wonder about the meaning of life and death a lot…at least more often than I think other normal people do! J Hence I casually tried “wondernoon” and the name was available, so I took it. I did not intend to be a mommy blogger or meet new people or even really post much. I started posting casually and gradually became more involved especially after having children. I really enjoyed reading mommy blogs because I relate to these posts so much now. Being a mother is what occupies most of my time now and so it is fun to read about other moms and celebrate their children and share in all the ups and downs of raising a child. Some friendships have sprouted in the process. It is a nice feeling and I feel good when I connect with some like-minded person, let alone a mother.
I enjoy so many blogs – feel a friendly hand being extended through comments from many bloggers. I am still not as much at home in the blog world as many others are.

(By the way, Mnamma – I loved your “blogosphere stalwarts” comment! J I always think of people like Maharajapuram Santhanam when I think of the word stalwart – you know that stately figure, deep voice…and in this context - yes these seasoned bloggers you mention are all “stalwarts”!)

Many have this and several other awards – frankly I think every one of them deserves one or all of these awards – these are just for fun anyway and every blogger who has spent considerable time blogging deserves one or more of these…
I am passing this on to a random few that come to mind (even if I forget some others!).

People like Poppin’s mom and Mnamma already have this award – and totally deserve it. Passing it on to a few people who have not been awarded this one yet:

Ranjani, – for her warm and friendly ways…both in her posts/comments and on email.

Chitra – who comments so warmly and celebrates our children even if she is not a mom yet! (will soon be I assume!).

Cantaloupe – She writes in such a sweet manner and is nice in the way she comments in other’s posts.

SS – though she has closed down her blog (which I really miss now), she was a natural when it came to blogging – candid and from the heart – one could relate to it. And she is a very sweet person too from what little I know of her…

UTBT – She is a thoughtful blogger who writes in such a way that you know there is a friendly hand behind it. You feel like you can write to this person and expect to get a warm reply back with friendly comments and suggestions. And I loved it that she started the sulk club – I like that kind of humor – makes you feel like she is down to earth and one can easily talk to her.

Kodi's mom - She writes wonderfully - it is fun to read. And she is very friendly (since this award is about that!) in the way she comments and writes. I also share a special kinship with her because "misery loves company" - our kid's challenge us in feeding them their meals - they seem to exchange notes and go through the good and bad phases around the same time. And our engagement stories have sort of similar! (Thats' not why I am sending this award your way - it is because you really are a friendly soul!


ranjani.sathish said...

Hi noon !
Thank you for honouring me with this award :-). As you mention, it is not really the award but your warm words which is making me happy right now !!

Lots of posts of yours for which I have mentally drafted my comments but yet to pen it down. Will soon do that !!! Just back yday from my vacation

Aryan's Mom said...

Congrats noon..(Wondernoon is a good name)
You really deserve it. I enjoy each and every post of yours and tharani's....
Keep you the great work

noon said...

Hi Ranjani -
was wondering when you were coming back!
See you soon!
Thanks for the thanks! :)

Aryan's mom - thanks! Am honored that you read all my posts!
You know - am so sorry - I still have not added you to my end up not reading your posts often. I have been meaning to do it...

Moppet's Mom said...

Congratulations, Noon! :-)

chitra said...

This is another lovely post, Noon. Needless to say that you have made my day by honouring me soo much, with your loving words/comments. Yes, you are right, I enjoy all your posts and all other bloggers friends posts too. I love kids and I enjoy hearing to kids activities and instantly start dreaming about my own one (that is when I will have one, still in the planning phase! :)). I love reading Tharini's posts, Madmomma's, moppets's mom and all others as well. Although havent't interacted with them all, as I am a little skeptical about how people take my interference and that I am conscious that it might be disturbing. However, I make it a point to read everyone's post (almost), leave comments. All Your writing inspires me, not just for the fact that you are all mommys having lovely kids and sharing your lives, but in addition to it, coz you all are genuinely sweet, lady-like, very smart, have the knack to be expressive naturally and I sense that your thoughts and what you write is very lucid. I love writing (althoug, it takes ages for me to match your level of writing/expressing) and love to make friends.

I thank you Noon for your warm responses to my comments/mails. It is just soo sweet of you to reply to my e-mails and pop in and out to read what I rarely post in my blog. Not that I am hesitant to write but just that I am wee busy at work :(, when free, I am involved in your posts!. Thanks Noon, you are a STAR!

Poppins said...

Nice acceptance speech !

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

I am truly honoured !!!
The warm words you put in, made my day !

Poppins said...

What happened to my essay? What happened? Why has only one line come in? Oh the no.

noon said...

Moppet's mom - thanks! :)

Chitra - I second Poppins - nice acceptance speech! :)
Star ellam - oh my oh my!
Honored. Embarassed!
Thanks thanks....

CA - of course of course...meant it all!

Poppins - oh the no really. I hate losing even a single of any comment made here - please find it! An essay that too! No no no/where did it go?!!!

mnamma said...

Hey Noon you remember Maharajapuram Santhanam for stalwarts :)))) I didn't mean it that way at all. I meant that for how well they write and for the period of time they have been blogging.

Shobana said...

Congrats Noonie!!! Each person who I read, have touched some of my inner strings and you did too, when you asked me to do the tags. For that I thank you and may more awards be bestowed on you.


Today is Naren's b'day (HHMMPPHH...I have to remind ppl...)

noon said...

MNamma - Stalwart - I know how you meant it - but just the word brings that kind of I imagine stalwart bloggers like Tharini, Boo n all sitting on stage wearing a Sari and looking at fledgling bloggers in the audience! :))

Shobana - first of all sorry sorry for not noticing it was his b'day.
Hope he ad a great day? Do a post on it - what did you guys do?
And thanks for reading my posts...
Also wishing you all the feel good stuff - awards n such too! :)
BTW - how did you know! My friend who used to call me Noon also used to call me Noonie.

ddmom said...

congrats noon!
What you hiding the table for? Go read my awards speech..

Anonymous said...

А! Sangat barang bagus.