Saturday, October 06, 2007

Middle name - Tag.

Mnamma tagged me on this one.

(I don’t have a middle name – so I shall make “Wonder” my middle name).

W – Winter hat, Worry-worm.

Winter hats - I love winter hats. As a student I lived in a very cold place. I hated the cold when it was biting and made me scrunch and run from the subway station to my home with aching shoulders. But I loved wearing snow hats. It had to be extremely cold for me to feel comfortable wearing them. So the peak winter months were fun in that respect. Also the snow made it so beautiful. I would come home late at night and have a quick meal. I would then make a cup of hot, sweeeeet chai and get a blanket and sit down to watch the late show on TV. Only my palms holding the hot cup of chai would peep out of the warm blanket. My housemate and his wife (she was working in the neighboring city and would visit on weekends) would join in and sometimes we would watch a movie together. I would go to bed late night and wake up late the next morning and sometimes be greeted by a blanket of white all around. On a weekend, this was bliss. I would meet with one or two friends who lived in the neighborhood and we would walk in the snow, sparkling in the sunlight, to the neighborhood café. The warm sun, the bright and pure snow, the company of good friends, banter, laughter for a long while and then head off to work – God, was that me? Or was it another birth?!

Worry –worm. Well, the previous post is testament to that! I worry about having offended people. Even if I know it is not my fault, I sometimes worry. I worry about the health of my close ones. Especially so after my father’s death. If B is late from work (he is late most often but if he is later than the latest time he said he would come), I get knots in my stomach (he refuses to get a cell phone, hates it!). I worry if I don’t hear from someone. I feel stupid to email or call and ask as to why he/she has not responded to my mail. I read (into) my mail and worry that “that word” probably was offensive! So, I wait and worry. Only to hear that she has been out of town on work or her dog ate my email (just kidding!). I too am lax in keeping in touch sometimes, but I always respond to certain kinds of mails, certain situations. If you know what I mean. It is only in those instances I worry. Or if suddenly there is silence at the other end. I am carefree in many respects – not to paint the wrong picture – people who know me well know this – I laugh a lot, love to tease people that I am close to, I love being silly – none of which goes with the worry worm that lurks in my head! J But it is there and creeps up at the drop of a hat on specific issues!

O – outgoing. Well, I am an extrovert as well as an introvert. Only people who are that way will know what I mean. I love people, I love being with friends, family…but I don’t like big parties. I feel claustrophobic, out of place. I detest cliques and feel uncomfortable when I sit with only one group of known people and I feel bad for the new ones left out but don’t’ know how to include them…and if I am the new one, I just want to flee. I love meaningful one on one conversations with people who are warm and friendly. I don’t hesitate to really make friends with someone when I know they are warm and receptive. I can find something or the other to talk to the person next to me on a plane if he/she is just friendly. But if that same person were to meet me in a big party, I would probably stop with a “hi”!.

N – Nostalgic. – I get so nostalgic about so many things. Especially my childhood days now. I miss the days when I was at home with my parents. I left home at the age of 18 and I have been away ever since. I miss my father. I miss the feeling of familiarity in my home country, my home city. I feel out of place there now. I feel nostalgic about the feeling of being at home with my parents and siblings. Coming home from school, taking my shoes off while asking my mom “Amma, inniku yenna maa Tiffin?!” (Amma, what’s for evening Tiffin today?). God what a luxury that was! Imagine someone waiting with hot tiffin coffee for you at 4.00pm!! I feel nostalgic when I think of summer holidays spent with my cousins at my grandparents place in the village…bathing in the river, walking back in the hot sun, renting bikes and riding around the village, visiting temples and wearing “malli poo” on my once hip-length hair, playing cards, going to bed in the living room while three or four of us are lying down in a row next to each other in a “jamakalam” (blanket). I feel nostalgic about the simplicity of life then.

D – Dreamer – I dream a lot. My friend used to joke that she would start a cartoon strip on me - the one who lives up there and floats back to reality every now and then! Which is why I simply love Calvin. I dream about so many things. I dream that I am a concert level singer and just imagine myself lost in that world. I dream that I am an expert swimmer confident enough to go surfing in the ocean. I dream that I …well, so many. Will stop here!

E – Enthusiastic. I am quite enthusiastic about a lot of things. Learning new things, meeting people (in my own extro/introverted way), celebrating occasions (my friend who lives in the neighborhood is probably tired of me sending left over cake from the celebrations I have at our place for all kinds of things for my family)…

R – Rowdy songs. I love playful twist of words (ones that are not grossly vulgar but just playful) and love listening to rowdy songs. And love dappangoothu songs (like “uppu karuvaadu). An old song that I heard a long time back “Shock adikkudhu Sona, nee nadandhu pona”. It is silly and crazy. I like it.
Well it is 12.40am, I am not able to think further. Two posts in a day – record for me! J
I did not even edit my post this afternoon. Noticed so many typos. Excuse me if there are more in this one!

Everyone I know seems to have been tagged on this one.
I tag - Shobana (naren)! And SS turned S! (you have already been tagged?). Boo. Cantaloupe's amma. Ranjani Satish. UTBT.


mnamma said...

It was as if you were writing about me :) I do share a lot of your characterstics like being a dreamer, hopelessly nostalgic and the extra/introvert thats me me me! I do feel so out of place in a party particularly if I am the newbie and just wish that I could go home as soon as I can. Thanks for doing the tag and it was so nice to know more about you :)

S said...

Hey, I just saw this .. have already done the tag sweetie, got tagged by 2 others on the same tag!
Liked your post .. it said a lot about you. And y'know, I had hip length hair too once upon a time :)

Aryan's Mom said...

Yes, Noon you are very true about the idea of Nostalgia...I always miss that malli poo...

Moppet's Mom said...

Lovely noon! A rare post about you...very, very nice.

noon said...

Mnamma - What is your family song?! ;) May be we are long lost sisters! :)
Great to find another intro/extrovert combo like me! Are you a Geminian?
Thanks for your comment!

S - oh - gotto check out your tag. Oh my god - you had such long hair too - did your folks give you a hard time when you cut it? I had to wait for years to convince my mom and also some of my friends! Even today I got hassled by some people for cutting my hair short!

Aryan's mom - I don't actually miss wearing malli poo now when I go home - somehow I don't now enjoy the feeling that it dries so soon on my hair - but I still love malli poo...and I miss that feeling of festivity that comes with it...

Moppet's mom - thanks!!

Timepass said...

Nice read...

chitra said...

Noon, a lovely post and I feel I am so much like you. Esp Introvert-extrovert thingy, worrying about some of the things u've mentioned.

日月神教-任我行 said...