Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small gestures of kindness...

I read this post by Ranjani - a typical Ranjani style post - simple, straight from the heart kind of post.  I too often think of the people who have done small things which meant a lot or in some cases - what might have been small to them but really turned out to be a huge favor for me.  I am sure if I pause to think about it I will have a lot of people in this list.  But for starters I will write down a few.  (And Neera - see I posted!).

- When I was a graduate student, I had to stay till late night one day,  but then I had an abscess that was really hurting me by the evening.  I had no choice but to go to ER alone.  I just walked over to the medical building/hospital ER and waited for a couple of hours since there were much worse cases ahead of me.  When finally my turn came, they said an intern would come soon and take care of me.  I was in a lot of pain and there was a black woman, tall and strong who stayed with me through out the procedure and held my palms tight.  It was cold outside when I walked out but I was feeling so warm inside at the thought of this kind woman who realized that I was alone and in a lot of pain.  I don't remember her face or name but I remember what she did for me that day.

- When I was working in a research lab, I had to do a procedure on a newborn mouse.  I hated touching those tender beings and I was really scared as to how I would get through it.  But a medical student who later became a good friend of mine (with whom I have sadly lost all contact, he is now a big shot director of a neurosurgery center) came to my rescue and stood by me while I did it even though he didn't really know me well at that time.  We have shared so many light moments and I have learned so much from him.  It was truly good, simple friendship.  He was such an inspiring person, so full of life, so talented and brilliant.  I completely lost touch with him over the years but one day when I looked up his name I felt so proud to see where he was in life at this point.  I always thank him in my mind for being a good/kind friend then when he was just a student.

- When my father was in the hospital and we knew the time had come, I had to book tickets and leave immediately to take a long flight to the other coast with a 17m old KB, while being pregnant with KG.  I was so sad and was crying and miserable.  My friend happened to call and I told her the news and that I was leaving in a couple of hours to the airport.  She drove half an hour on a week day morning and brought me the essentials I would need for KB for the flight.  And just stayed with me through the next hour just being there for me.  Another friend who I had gotten to know only recently brought over long pants that would fit my pregnant belly (I only had capris that fit me since it was warm where I lived) since I was going to a cold place.  I didn't even think to ask any one to come to me for moral support but they just showed up and I late realized how good it was to have that moral support.

- When I was returning from Bangalore after KB's ayushomam, I was traveling alone.  KB fell asleep in the van as my FIL dropped me at the airport and came up to the point he could with me.  I paid a good amount to the guy in some khaki uniform - some airport staff - to help me through the check in process since I had my luggage, carry on diaper bag and sleeping child on my shoulders and I was pregnant with KG (it all happened the same year).  As soon as we entered and I was in line, the guy just took the money but did nothing to help.  He just vanished.  I had no idea where the line even began because it was a ridiculous mob of people pushing towards the ticket counter.  I was literally in tears when KB woke up and cried looking at the huge crowds.  Suddenly I came to know that I had to pick up some form upstairs and then fill it out and then come downstairs with it.  I can't remember the details but I remember it was all extremely stressful.  I spotted some uniformed person and ran to him and said "You have to help me.  The person whom I paid money to has vanished.  I don't know who to ask for help.  My child is crying and I have all this luggage.  I have no idea where the line begins or ends".  The guy told me that he was actually not an airport official but the chief person for the catering department for that flight.  But him and the person who worked for him both just stayed with me the whole time - picked up the form for me, filled it out (I handed my passport to a complete stranger!) while a crying KB would not let go of me and had to be fed at that moment! They went downstairs and handed the form and got everything sorted out and chatted with me until I went into the boarding area.  I don't know if I would have even made it on that flight if they had not helped me.  Till date, I am so grateful for their help.

Am sure there are lots more people I can write about in this list.  But I will stop here for now. 


ranjani.sathish said...

Wonderful to hear about your own experiences too. As we all realise that it is not some huge help but some simple things which came at the most appropriate time ! There is so much to be thankful for,in our lives :-)

Neera said...

Very heart warming to read about ur experiences noonoo. And very sweet of u to have remembered them and put them down here. I think this pulling up each other to post is doing us real good :)

noon said...

Hi Ranj - I really enjoyed your post. And I had these thoughts come to me when I was reading your post. When Neera asked me - where is your post for today - I just decided to write about it!

Neera - Am sure we all have these people who we think of..
Yes it was fun to post just to prove to you1 :) Like we are our kids age! :) But it is fun!