Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Questions from KB

I have to pause and think before I answer KB's questions or pass it on to the dad when he gets home in the evening if I don't have time to google it.  I am partly writing this because it is interesting for me to read these sort of posts a couple of years later.  I plan to look up some old posts to see what KB used to be like at age four.

Anyway - some of the questions from the last two days:

1) Mamma, if I put an Apple in water and freeze it, will it get preserved for ever? (He has a piece of apple frozen in a cup of water in the freezer - he plans to keep it that way until he goes to college apparently!).

2) If gravity is such a powerful force, how am I even able to jump on my trampoline?

3) Mamma, suppose I am floating in water and gravity is everywhere, how come I am able to float?

4) What makes water turn into ice?

5) If fire comes out of the rocket when it takes off, how does the metal tube at the base of the rocket not get burnt?

6) Why do we need tissues?

7) How does the food know to go into the food pipe and not into the wind pipe all the time?

8) Will the sun also die and have a new sun be born later after billions of years?

9) Mamma, sometimes when I brush, there is a bubble on my lips, how come it doesn't burst when I touch it with the brush?

10) How is sand formed on earth?

11) Why does the earth spin around the sun?

12) Mamma, if the doctor cuts open the mom's tummy to take the baby out (I have not told him how natural delivery happens because he will then think too much about all that - I felt it can wait), then what do animals in the wild do? They don't have any vets to take their babies out right?

13) Why does old paper turn yellow?

14) Today's question when we were driving back from Target shop while listening to his favorite CD: "Mamma, how do they put the music on the CD if people are not singing in front of it?"


Sumana said...

He is a scientist in the making. Some of them really make you think. Good going KB.

noon said...

Hi Sumana

Yeah, we joke at home, the way he gives lengthy explanations for everything that pavam he is going to be a professor in some college...and KB who is la di da and doesn't give a damn how water turns to ice will probably making a lot more money just from her cool attitude in life and willing to take risks! :) Well who of now KB does seem like he will go into some kind of research. I tell B to be prepared and make some money for KB also because pavam if KB becomes a paleontologist or a physicist there is so little money in it!

Bindhu!! said...

Wow!!! :)))

And i think you should also put up the answers. Never mind even if kids read those later and laugh, it will help someone else (read me) :P

noon said...

Hi Bindhu

Welcome to my blog.
:) I know - I should put up the answers also - since I had to think, ask B or look it up for some of them.

Rohini said...

I think he and Ayaan would really get along. Tagged you on my blog, by the way.

noon said...

Seriously...I want to meet Ayaan myself! He is really something! Although it would be hard for me to get KB to meet Ayaan w/out my being there...why don't I want to be there - because I want you to just keep the "image" of me - the real me wants to just hide from all my favorite bloggers. I have only met one blogger so far...

Neera said...

Wow ...i am amazed at how he thinks Noonoo ...he's such a sweet little thinker! does he come up with possible answers too ..those would be fun to read too!

Rohini said...

Why do you want to hide? No fair. I would love to meet you.

(And stop this favourite blogger business. You're making me blush :))

noon said...

I am a typical Gemini I think. I can't figure out if I am an extrovert or an introvert. I love people but in situation like this - meeting blog pals - I just want to hide!
I love how you are honest about things and how you deal with situations in a methodical way, how you manage work and home and made decisions to stay home when you felt it was right for you and of course I adore your son (will soon get to know daughter). Won't say anymore OK! :) And hope you are red in the face by now!

Rohini said...

I am putting beetroots to shame right now. Thanks for the compliments :)

Aryan said...

Hey KB is one really a genious kid
Hats off to him