Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The power of the individual

We went to the beach Friday night around 7.45 p.m.  The weather was balmy, warm and gorgeous.  I had the kids eat an early dinner and kept dinner ready for us.  As soon as B came home, we took off.  It was a full moon day and the waves were crashing on the big rocks behind the shore.  There were fire pits in the beach and on full moon days, the local drum group comes to play there to drum in the full moon.  It was absolutely lively to have the beat of the drums, the warm air, camp fire, embers flying through the air, jugglers doing fire tricks and people dancing around the drummers.  KB was so excited that he was dancing random crazy dances.  KG was delighted to dance along more slowly and gracefully but was very nervous when she saw a juggler throw a fire ball into her mouth.  That looked pretty scary even for me.  I have no idea how they even do that and not wince in pain.

There was a young girl with thick blond hair which was dyed a bright blue in the front.  She wore a sports bra and a pair of sports capris thus exposing her midriff.  She looked very sensual but not vulgar.  She seemed to be in her early twenties.  She was in the side lines watching one of the older men juggle with some bars with fire balls on the ends.  I never expected this young woman to come and do some fire tricks herself.  Every time I watch something of this sort, I find it very interesting.  What motivates this young girl to learn these difficult and somewhat dangerous fire tricks and do it for free?  Who are her parents? Do they encourage her or discourage her?  I just wonder about these things when I see someone like her.  It is in its own way a very nice feeling for me when I see such quirky individuals because it is telling of the power of the individual.  That fire within.  To do something that sparks your interest and do it no matter the reward.  To have a sense of self and have the discipline it takes to follow up and nurture an interest from within.

The other day I was typing something on the computer when the TV was on in the background late at night.  I saw some program on women body builders.  This young girl who was in high school was working towards becoming one.  What impressed me about her was how at that young age she had chosen something not so popular yet put in enormous amounts of effort and time and had the discipline to follow a strict diet and grueling exercise schedule from her trainer.  Similarly when I read about this man,  I feel that same fascination I feel for the power of the individual.  Though he is famous now, it must have been a lonely journey in the start of his running endeavors and also most of the running times must be a kind of lonely experience.  In this context I also have to write about this person who I have come to admire even though I only know her as the mother of my blog pal (who also is incredibly talented).  No one expects these people to accomplish these goals.  The end point is exciting and joyous but the journey is long and requires immense perseverance.  Yet that drive from within to set that goal and accomplish it is so remarkable.  Be it in small ways or big ways, it is nice to see someone have their own ways of doing things and be their own unique individual adding so much color to the world.  The beauty of creation and the uniqueness of each creation is just mind boggling.  In that sense too, parenting is such a moving journey because you see the uniqueness of the individual taking shape day by day in small and big ways.  I guess this is what makes people watching also so interesting because you can sit and marvel at variety there is out there despite us all belonging to one species.

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