Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KB series - part IV

KB is a chatter box. Well, at least at home and with the people he is familiar with. He talks non stop, especially with me. Every little thing he does is reported to me. Every little thing KG does is also reported to me. All day live commentary. "Mamma, I am now eating my grapes, Mamma". "Mamma, I hear a lawn mower". "Mamma, Kutti baby is trying to get into the fire place". And so it goes. He is also into the cause and effect conversation now. He just will run through an entire imaginary script. If I am reading a library book for him and he turns the page and sees some doodle marks made by some other kid - he will look at me and point to it. I then have to tell him "Ahn Ahan...not good, some kid has scribbled on the library book". And he will say "Library Aunty"...and I have to continue that prompt by saying "Library Aunty will be upset.". KB will then say, "Library Aunty solluvaa" (she will say..). And I have to then take it through the whole thread with him. "Library Aunty will tell the kid not to scribble and if he does she will give him a time out etc " with each line being prompted by him. At the end he will say, "Indha maari scribble pannlai naa?" and I have to say, "If the kid doesn't scribble, then Library Aunty will be happy and will not give that boy a time out"! If I am reading him the book "Hats can help" and he sees a picture of a fire woman wearing a hat, he will tell me "Fireman hat pottukalainaa?" and I have to tell him the repurcussions of that. He will then say, "Fireman hat pottundaa?" and I have to tell him how the hat will help! Sometimes it is fun, but sometimes it gets so tiring to go through this for so many things! But I do indulge him and spin stores for all his cause and effect queries!

KB is one dramatic little fellar! He himself likes to use the word "dramatic" and says "KB is dramatic". Some days when we return from the park or some song and dance class, he would be hungry. But he wouldn't be able to tell me so. He will ask me for something I can't get to and if I don't attend to him, he would just come to me and say "I am sad, mamma" and tell me "I have tears in my eyes mamma...can you please wipe with tissue?". And he will go and get me a tissue. Our kid is green when it comes to turning lights off during day time - a point driven into him by me quite a bit - but when it comes to tissues - he is far from green. My fault. He cannot stand a drop of water or nose drip or tears flowing that each time he will get me a tissue or wipe it off himself.

B and I have arguments in front of him - though I tell myself that we should not fight it front of him - but it is impossible - we just do. We don't get any time to just talk to each other after KB goes to bed - so arguments also happen along with other conversation in front of the kids. KG is too young to understand but KB knows when we fight. He intervenes and tells us to calm down! And even if I so much as raise my voice, he will tell me, "Mamma, kathadhe mamma" (don't shout) and come to me and say "I will give you a hug and thadavi" (hug and pat). I sometimes jokingly tell him "Kutti baby romba paduthardhu, I am going to give her two odhais" (KG is troubling me, I am going to give her two whacks). Gandhi that he is, he will tell me "No, no no, Kutti baby'ku odhe kudukadhe...Nee kutti baby'ku odhe kudutha naa romba sad ayiduven". (Don't give her a whack, if you do, I will become sad). He is so kind to her, it just makes me feel so overwhelmed with pride. I feel like "How did I, the screaming monster that I am at times produce such a sweet and gentle kid?". It's not that he doesn't get upset or yell and cry, but he is so kind hearted when it comes to any one else getting hurt. I really hope that he is able to protect himself though. It really worries me when I think of bully kids in school. I really wonder if he will know to defend himself! He starts school in September 08 - have to just wait and see how his gentle temperament changes with outside influences and having to cope with physically stronger kids.

To be continued...


ranjani.sathish said...

Hey Noon !
I have been reading the KB series and enjoying it a lot ! He is a very sweet and sensitive kid.

Sometimes we do not have to really teach them anything, but just live it ourselves. That's the best way they assimilate things

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

again, another cute update!!
so very cute about the cause and effect! and kudos to you for
can i hire you to do a write up for T2??
her bday's coming up and i'm doing a real bad job so far about recollecting all the cute-sy things she's done!!
hope i do justice to the wonderful memories!!

DotThoughts said...

I throughly enjoyed reading the series. especially the bit about balloons :) He is such a great kid!! And the way you wrote about him was so full of pride and joy in being his mother. Great posts!

Anonymous said...

As much as you want to give credit to your son, 90% goes to you girl. You seem like an amazing mom with amazing patience and endless attentiveness towards your children.It is first, wonderful to hear what he is upto, and second wonderful to see you so patiently write out all these details. Thank you !!

noon said...

Ranj - Thanks for patiently reading it...And I agree with you - we don't need to teach them things as much as live it - which is what worries me - that there is so much bad in me that he might pick up even if I try to camouflage it! :) My temper being tops!

GND - thanks again for reading/commenting! You know - I am surprised myself that I have so much to write about KB - but I tried hard to put in this effort - because every now and then B says something KB did when he was a year old and I have to try hard to recollect it...and I hardly do updates on them that I somehow decided to write it this the risk of boring people who do read it - but figured it would be good for me to have it for later! Really appreciate your reading/commenting! And sure, I will do a write up on T2 - can you visit us in beautiful So Cal?! :)

Dottie - thankee! Oh man, I seriously wonder if it is OK for me to just indulge him so much with his balloon craze...I just don't get it - he loves them soo much. Different kinds from different they fly, which one might burst blah blah...he thinks and dreams about balloons! And about pride and joy - I should do a post on how angry I was with him's not all pride and joy - I should do a post on the other side of it too!

Taamommy - Sweet of you to give me so much credit. But I think if I tell B about your comment, he might just laugh and shake his head - patience - man I keep telling myself to be more patient - even this morn I resolved myself to be more patient - only to loose it just a couple of hours later...sometimes KB drives me nuts and I feel so bad that I yell at him - but seriously - I have to work on the patience factor. I have come a long way - never knew I had this much patience in me - but still - these days - esp last one month - I feel like a monster myself - esp with B - I loose my temper so much!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

pl. don't thank was a pleasure reading!!
i noticed that my sentence cut off :P
i meant to say "kudos to you for humoring his relentless questions"...
Regardless of what you think about your patience, the fact that you've been indulging his questions (among other things) speaks volumes!!
you know, in all these years, we've never been to the west coast :(
we might actually come visit u sometime :)

noon said...

Hey GND - would love it if you visited us here! Do come!