Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KB series - part III

KB loves to be silly. Silly silly silly and amuses himself and laughs non stop which sometimes makes him throw up from coughing a little! For example, I would be cooking in the kitchen and he would be sitting in the living room couch playing by himself. All of a sudden, he would come into the kitchen and say, "Mamma...Pum"! I would look up at him and say "Pum?" and he would say "Pum, Mamma!" and have this twinkle in his eyes. "What do you mean Pum? Pum'naa yenna? (what is it?)". That's it, I just have to say that and he would laugh and laugh at having come up with something I didn't understand. Just some non sense word! Today's such nonsense word was "Agali". After he brushed his teeth and was waiting for B to take him upstairs for his bedtime, he was sitting on the kitchen counter top with me standing in front of him when he said, "Mamma, Agali". I looked up and said seriously, forgetting that he comes up with such nonsense, "Yenna Agali?" and he said "Agali Mamma!" and started laughing! After dinner when we lounge for a bit listening to music, he would suddenly come to me and start singing nonsense words really fast..."Filikicha Filikicha Filikicha fil..i..kicha..." and so on...or would say "Lalaga Laga Laga Lagale Lagale" and so on!

A post on KB would not be complete without mentioning his obbbbsession with balloons. I can hardly believe that a kid can be this amused by balloons and not loose interest in playing with them. He now has two hand pumps and four bags of different types of balloons - long and twisty balloons, worm ballons, squiggly balloons, orange balloons, lavendar balloons, punch balloons - you name it - what ever kind "Party city" sells. Well, I still have not gotten him the water balloons - but that is to preserve my own sanity from having to clean up or having KG fall down from water spills! But yes, he loves to pump air into the balloon with his hand pump and just release it and see how it goes...he plays finger tap with knotted balloons. But mostly it is the pump air and release game. Some slither like snakes on the ground (the worm balloons) and some fly like a rocket to the other end of the room - but in all the balloons entertain him every single day for at least 15 minutes minimum! I wonder when he will loose interest in playing with balloons!

To be continued....


Aditi's Album said...

I guess all kids love to laugh at us and entertain us to no end with their 'jokes'. You have such a darling boy. and I'm so glad to be reading your KB series everyday

Mama - Mia said...


well i STILL love balloons!! hehe!! so KB has lotsa time to grow out of his obsession!

just imagining his laughter made me smile!



Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Love his no sense words!! Pum and Agali!! What wonderful memories to tell him when he grows up!! Enjoy them!

Preethi said...

olaral words are Cheeky's favorite too.. he also has such words for things he doesn't know the term for.. some such are ogibadi and kitamba!! don't ask me what they are for!! censored!

Neera said...

ha ha ha ..vansh shares the silliness with him :) Aawa taawa, paiiinnnn and the likes and then giggling away.

And wow ..the obsession with balloons. That does sound like fun and even something that must be teaching him some good concepts. What pump do u have noonoo? I bought one from Walmart and it was so hard to pump for me only that I returned it.

K 3 said...

ROFL -- KB does have talent, coining new words, great work!

noon said...

Aditi - thanks thanks for reading! :)) I know "jokes"! ;l)

Mama-mia - I know - I do too - I actually enjoy the pump n release game along with KB. You should try it - it is a lot of fun!

GND - Thanks! :) Yeah he is one "olaral master" as I call him...(olaral - nonsense).

Preethi - Ogibadi, Kitamba! :) So cute!

Neera - Man if these two kids meet up - remember we are coming to camp at your place in Delhi the day you land in India - I think we will go nuts with their nonsense words! :)
Party City - just get their hand pump - it is really good - KB is able to pump all balloons except the long thin twisty ones - that too only because it is hard to insert it right - you should get the worm balloons and twisty balloons and pump and release - it is sooo much fun you know! Actually the twisty ones I got at Target. Their hand pump is also OK but not as good as Party city.

K3 - Thanks! :) Feels good to see the word talent here - for his non sense words - but sure hope he does have some talent! :)

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