Friday, February 15, 2008

Tag time again - A to Z

Neera tagged me to do this:

A -Available?
Not even for myself most of the time these days!

B-Best friend:
Strangely even as a child, I always said I had many close friends, but no one best friend…

C-Cake or Pie?
Cake. Definitely not Pie!

D-Drink of choice:
Hot tea with a lot of sugar!

E-Essential thing used everyday:
Sugar and Salt! If either one was not available at home, I would have to go get it right away!

F-Favourite colour:
Husband says I am only able to see one color – Red

G-Gummi bears or worms:


When I spend a lot in getting gifts for my favorite people…esp children. If I were really wealthy, that would be my serious indulgence.

J-January or February:
February – short month with the promise of spring….

K-Kids and names:
KB and KG

When I think of life, I often think of some lines by one of my favorite poets, Kaviarasu Kannadasan. It goes like this: (copy/pasted from some website)
Aasaiye alai pole,
Naamellam athan mele,
Odam pole adiduvome vaazh nalile
Paruvam ennum kaatrrile
parakkum kaathal therile
aanum pennum mahizhvar
suham peruvar - athisayam kaanpaar
Naalai ulahin paathaiyai inre
yaar kaanuvar?
Even in this lyric, Kannadasan reinforces the theme, "sorrows are credit of life, while the joys are debit, with the balance being mere dreams, and who can comprehend the arithmetic of fate?"

M-Marriage date:
January 21

N-Number of siblings:

O-Oranges or apples:
Both, when in season.

No major phobias – just some dislikes…

If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep.

R-Reason to smile:
My children

Spring and Fall

T-Tag three people:
Inbavalli, Bird's eye view, 30in2005

U-Unknown fact about me:
I used to jog regularly at one point in time. I have not jogged for three years now!

V-Vegetable you do not like:
Bitter gourd, Raw tomato

W-Worst habit:
Hmm…postponing things…can’t think of any “worst” habit really…

X-x-rays you have had:
Dental, Shoulder

Y-Your favorite food:
Mom’s “Ilai Vadam”



Preethi said...

Very nice... great to know about you better.. loved the poem about life!! :)

choxbox said...

Wonder if here's anyone who likes guMmi bears or worms!

Neera said...

That was really fast! I want to know ur routine u manage to sit with that cup of tea when the kids sleep.
The quote for me these days ..if u want to have ur house clean and running, don't sleep!! And its a total mess right now, so gotta go!!

noon said...

Neera: Nice quote. And true here as well. I sleep about 5.5 to 6h every day. No aftn naps possible. I run to make tea as soon as both kids take their aftn nap - I drink it very hot - so only fiev min max to drink it. And some 15 - 20 min after KB naps, usually he wakes up and I have to pat him back to sleep (just so I get some quiet time)...and a short while later, baby girl will wake up...juggling act starts all over until B comes then...feed her, change her, play with her for a bit...then KB wakes up, feed him snack, change him...take them for a walk...give baby girl solids...change her and make her sleep. Cook something for dinner while entertaining KB and then B comes, I feed KB while B eats and then I eat...After KB sleeps around 10.15pm, I get some time to myself - baby girl wakes up around 11.20pm for her the cycle goes.
Today since B was home (and we took kids out to kid's museum, play time etc last two days) during their nap time, I made him take care of them - that's when I get time to clean - scrubbed the kitchen/dining/living area like crazy, cleaned the fireplace and yard...B could not take care of both since both kept waking up - so brought baby girl downstairs and put her on the exersaucer while I cleaned...
Yup - cleaning is a big effort really - esp with two kids...I totally agree with your new version of the quote! :)

chitra said...

Hey Noon, nice post...really liked it couldnt resist but to self tag it :P Sorry! me nasty me! dont mind dear....and as Preethi said nice to know you better.

BangaloreMom said...

Hi Noonie

How r things? Have'nt heard from u in a while..Hows KB and KG doing?

BangaloreMom said...

Hi Noonie...Good to hear from you and thanks for the sketches. Will continue painting different hues pal!! And as to why I dont write more often, I will not lie to you and say its because I do not have time. Its because

a. I have too much fun reading all the other wonderful blogs such as yours.
b. I am too lazy.

But anyways, have taken ur advice and written another one. Is there an email address I can write to you in?

noon said...

GReat to hear from you as well.
Mikka Nanri (since it is mother tongue day as per your post - have not read it - I will read it aara amara - tomorrow - too tired now - KB kept waking up and I should really go to bed now)...
Anwyay - Nanri again for including my posts amongst the good ones! :) But don't be lazy girl - post more often. Un kanavar solli irukkar illaya?! :) You write well so you should write more! :)

noon said...

BM - by the way - my contact is in my profile - wondernoon at gmail

noon said...

Chitra - thanks - will read your tag soon - you have not been posting of late or I would have tagged you myself...

Swati said...

Nice Read :)