Friday, February 08, 2008

KB snippets

KB woke up from his nap the other day and came downstairs with me. He ran to the dining table and got the pile of books and brought them all to the couch patiently carrying them couple at a time...He had woken up in a good mood and gave me a sweet smile and said "Mamma, I want to read books".
I told him that we can read, but first he has to tell me what he wanted to eat...
"Book padikalam, but first nee sollu, Yenna sapadre? Bagel and cream cheese? Mac n Cheese? Waffle?" (We will read, but first tell me what do you want to eat?).

He turns towards me, thinks and pauses...he opens his mouth points towards the toaster (behind that wall is the living room with the couch and the books) and says:

"I want to..."

And I thought to myself "Oh wow, he is thinking about it and making a choice from these items"...

"I want book!".

I laughed at the way he gave me hope (unintentionally) and said this so softly.
And I said "Seri, first tell me what do you want to eat? Bagel Sapadraya?"

KB quietly replied in his Tanglish "I am going to..close vai" (I am going to close mouth!).

End of story. I just gave him milk and read to him while he drank his milk!
Among the pile of books, his current top favorite is "Firefighter". It is a great first level reader book. Just one word on each page.

KB loves the dramatic rescue of the kitty cat in this book. Though it has only one word in each page, this is the book he first wants to read - it gives him room to imagine, recreate and talk about it in his own words. With animated expression, he tells me what is going on in each page. Especially when it gets to the fire hydrant page, he is all excited and says "Fire hydrant'le pliers pottu, screw driver pottu, thorandhu, hose connect panni...bzzzz....bzzzz...water fire mele offf!", he finishes off in sing song tone! (They will use the plier and screw-driver and connect the hose to the hydrant and throw water on the fire and turn it off).

I plan to get more such one word per page books. He also loves the one line per page "Wonder books". Will post about them later.


Aryan said...

Oh noon..I love the way he narrates cute...
The book seems to be good...Wil get for aryan after some time
Aryan's Mom

noon said...

Hi Aryan - thanks. I would have been sad if there had not been any comment on my dear KB - since baby girl here is such a darling for every one - I always feel bad for him! :) Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes, you should get it for Aryan sometime. I got these from the library - not sure if you get the same in the library there. Not worth buying them - unless you get it for cheap there. They are all expensive - esp considering once they start reading sentences these one word books will be boring for them...but then you can always use it again for the second child! :)

Preethi said...

hahaha.. i seem to have missed so many posts... this one was soo cute!! I am going to close vai!!! hehehe!!!

Neera said...

Isn't it so encouraging to see them all excited about reading and fun to watch them all animated, making sounds, acting out even when they can't speak out the whole thing! Great reading, KB! Keep it up!