Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Single word story!

I was feeding KG her lunch a couple of days back when KB was quietly doing something in the family room. I thought he was packing a gift for someone - a new fad he has going now. A few minutes later, he brought his doodle pro to me and asked me to pronounce the word he had written. I said "PCOFT" and pronounced it as "Pick koft". He said to me, "Mamma, that is a story I wrote". I said, "how is that a story?". He proceeded to enlighten me.

"Mamma, this is the story about a little boy named Pick". One day, he started coughing a lot. (He added in Tamil, "Gollu Gollu'nu cough pannithu, mamma". Then his mom took him to the doctor. He had bronchitis. So his mom went to "Reftan" (his own imaginary pharmacy) pharmacy and gave them a prescription for "Prednisone". Mamma, Reftan pharmacy has both squiggly balloon and medicines. The little boy took Prednisone - he took two teaspoons a day and then he was better. That is the story Mamma!

Wow - all that in one word "PCOFT

Today he wrote another word "TFGCH" on his doodle pro.

He said to me "This is the story of a little boy named Tiff. He is four years old. He has a little sister named "Gich". She is two years old. And they are still friends".

That's it. That's the story behind "TFGCH". :)
Since the time I wrote this post in my drafts section, he has written down many such random words and come up with little stories around these random letter words. Some very detailed, some very short ones. I guess it is the age of twittering, so why not one word stories! :)


Kodi's Mom said...

he's a genius - I loved P coft :) :)
soon he'll be twittering novels.
he rocks, give him a big hug frm me and hi-fi from K will ya?

Aryan said...

Amazing...he is a genios guy.....
BB rocks

Poppins said...

How very very smart and cute! I love the twitter reference especially :) You never know the might be sparking off a new trend. And yay, you did pictures! I was so glad to see his face !

noon said...

Kodi's mom - Total MAC here! (Mutual admiration I mean). I wish the two silly no boys could meet again soon. They are so alike - somehow feel that way. The way they instantly started laughing when they met!
Shall do and you please give a crush hug to Kodi and gorg eyes!

Aryan - Thanks! :)

Poppy - Thanks! You know strangely when I was driving to the grocery store this eve, I caught this segment on NPR about "Twitter poetry". And I just counted KB's TFGCH story - it comes under 140 characters! May be he can write some twitter stories! :) But poor thing only now he has started online games even! I wanted to comment on your last post - did not get to it. I say spoil your daughter the way your mom did you! It's OK! :)) You are living proff of it! :))

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

How cute ... I remember not so long ago, he used to come up with titles of stories ... now he is already narrating them .. WOW !

noon said...

CA - wow - you remembered that he used to come up with titles. That still happens every aftn and night during his sleep time. But now he is into narrating his own and now he is in fantasy land - his characters have magic powers and they suddenly turn into birds and fly away etc! :)

Rohini said...

Lovely stories!

My brat is on the present trip too. Most are for me and one has been kept aside for the baby when s/he arrives :)

mnamma said...

Loved PCOFT! And the pharmacy name and the medicine name sound so real, grouwuppy :) Hugs to the little fella!

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!!! :) your brilliant story telling has rubbed off on him as well, eh?!



Collection Of Stars said...

That's so smart and cool :)
You have a master story teller at home.

dipali said...

So much in each word! Such cute stories:)

DDmom said...

Amazing! He is today's kid, twittering a full fledged story with happy ending n all in less than 140 characters :)
BTW, did not get any email, as you mentioned in my comment space. The old email ID is not active anymore, pl. to resend at penningmythoughts @ gmail

molarbear's posts said...


(that means, I loved KB's stories!)

And thank you for these lovely vignettes.

I tried caling you and left a message on your voice mail. I have some not great news to give you.

Preethi said...

I loved ths stories.. PCOFT and TFGCH .. what imagination. he is a genius indeed!! :)

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Vidya said...

C.a.s.h(Cute And Smart Hari) :)

noon said...

Am so sorry - I didn't even realize I had not responded to some of the later comments.

Ro - am waiting for Ayaan's photos of the baby!

Mnamma - yeah I think if I tell him about your third baby he will proceed to give her a name too. May be I will tell him just to see what name he comes up with.

Abha - I wish your brilliant summary writing of what your child does would rub off on me - so I would also have that to look back and reminisce...

CofS - Story teller for sure. He lives in fantasy land most of the time.

Dipali - how are you feeling now?

DDmom - shall resend the mail now. I thought I already did...

MB - Tx! :) Nice abbreviation! :)

Preethi - thanks! :) Genius n all! Wow - should tell KB when he grows up how I got people to think of him that way! :))

Anonymous said...

What brilliant stories--what a great imagination! And you're right, why not one-word stories :-)

I rediscovered your blogger blog after all this time--I must stop by and read more! Wonderful things you're writing here, wondernoon!

日月神教-任我行 said...