Sunday, December 28, 2008

KB's preschool update II

I wrote this post on Sep.29.08 - nearly three months back. Funny how you worry your brains out about something and then three months later (well much sooner in this case but I am writing about it only now) you have forgotten about the tension you went through then. At that time, I had been wondering what to do about KB's preschool situation. I had chosen that school thinking it was a good fit for KB and I liked the play atmosphere in the school. But then KB cried so much that after a month of trying, the director told me to take a month off and bring him back. I had been quite upset that they called me each time he cried thus not giving him a chance to just cry it out for a few days and eventually get used to school. Well, things just work out in the way they are meant to work out.

I had written about this preschool program that I started taking KB to since early October. For the first three weeks, I used to drop him in the classroom, but I would be walking in the park outside the classroom. KB knew I was in the vicinity. In the beginning of November, when my cousin and her family visited me, she dropped him in school and the whole gang went later to pick him up. My cousin, her husband and two children, my mami - all of them! That was the first day he was dropped off and I was not there in the vicinity. From that point on, either me and B drop him off at school and then I go to pick him up. He looks really happy there. He does some craft every day and he proudly shows it to me. The kids who come there are all between ages three and five - so he gets to interact with younger and older kids and he seems quite comfortable with it.

It reamains to be seen how well he will adjust when he goes to a proper school with longer hours. But for now I am most happy that this is exactly what I wanted out of preschool for KB at age three - one that will make him happy and one where he will do some stuff and have fun doing it. He plays different games each day - duck and goose game or kids soccer etc. They trace one page of some alphabet each day. Just simple tracing games like match the letter to the picture and then trace the letter type stuff. And they read two or three books to them each day while the kids are eating snack. Even after I go to pick him up, he continues playing there for another fifteen minutes! Knock on wood.

Last year, I searched all over the place for a preschool for KB. I might never have picked this place because it wasn't what I was looking for. But the way things turned out, KB made his choice and somehow it seems like the best thing that could have happened for now. Am hoping the next school he goes to for age four (he turns four in Aug 09), the transition goes smoothly. I decided not to move him to another school in Jan itself but to wait till July of 09. I don't know if he is missing out on serious learning but I don't feel like rocking the boat now. KB is enjoying himself, so I just want to let it be! Well, the little man seems to make his own choices anyway!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yes...things do work out for the best. I understand totally why you're upset with the school of your choice...on your behalf,I am angry with them too! It's like they never gave KB a chance.

But the great bit here is that KB has not only settled down but is having fun in school no. 2.

Here's wishing you all good luck for the next step.

Also, loving wishes for the year ahead.

noon said...

Mmia - So sweet of you (for being angry with them!) :)
Yeah am so grateful that he likes going to this place. Am really hoping he likes the next place too.
Did you read my comment on your post about the play btw? Email me pics pl!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

My dearest noonie! I ahve indeed read your wonderfully sweet comments. I haven't uploaded photos of the play onto the comp yet (although truthfully speaking, not many were taken since we're relying on the school photographer's camermanship!) Well send them to you once that's done!

And regarding your comment to my Christmad Eve post, whenever you come to Cal, you are staying with me! No questions asked...whenever it may be! And that's final!

Aditi's Album said...

Isn't that what we all want in our children - to be happy and enjoy what they are doing rather than what we did - carry a heavy bag on our shoulders from 3 yrs and be forced to do lots of homework.Its nice to know that you have accepted this school and pray that things will be fine next year. Wishing you a very happy new year.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

hi there! I'd taken a bit of a break (I'll come to that later) too from blogging...and been catching up now :)

SO GOOD to hear about how well he's adjusted in this place!! So, it's not him, it's the school. If they couldn't give KB a fair chance, maybe their whole attitude was not right!!!

What's this I'm hearing about you taking a break!??
Come on now!! WE HAVE to read more of your honest-to-god posts! Take a small one and come back soon, will ya? Pretty please???