Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year!! And goodbye for a while!

Wishing you all a very happy new year! I hope the coming year is filled with many happy moments, lots of laughter, cozy times with family and good health most of all!

I have been wanting to take a blogging break partly because of time issues. But I never could get myself to do it - because what started as a whim became so much a part of my life - I got so involved in the lives of the people I read about. I think about them often and if I did't read any posts from them, I wondered about what was happening at their end. Blogging felt like a life line on some days when the mundane things in life piled on so much that you felt weighed down by it all. Reading about a child's achievement, a travel escapade, a school play, a funny incident, a monthly update all served to cheer me up on those days. And on days I did post, it was exciting to look to see if any one had read it and commented on it. It all became an addiction. I have gotten to know some wonderful people through these blogs and felt a sense of community despite having very little time to meet people and socialize in a group locally. I will miss it all terribly which is why I want to safely call this a blogging break - because I would like to come back to it some day when I feel like it. And hopefully have a few people still visit my site and leave comments and make some connection. I thank very sincerely the people who have read my posts and left me comments and also established a more personal connection through email. I will of course still be accessible on email. I don't want to make this too dramatic for I don't know really if any one will even notice - but for the few who do, I wanted to say a proper good bye before taking a break! Hope the year 2009 is a wonderful one for you and your family!


Tharini said...

Oh my dear Noon. No. :(((

I am glad you call it a break, but I am really really sad to read this.

The way you look at reading other people's blogs is really touching. You humble me.

Take care, enjoy your break and please PLEASE come back soon.

Will miss you and your writing terribly.

ranjani.sathish said...

Hey A
This was not a very nice thing to read on a new year's day morning, but I think I understand your reasons. I will really miss your writing, because there is something about the way you write that always strikes a chord.

But I am really glad that we have establised contacts through email and you should keep in touch.

Wish you all a very happy new year !!!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...


You've worded the relationship you share with other blogs and bloggers so perfectly; I know exactly what you mean.

I am going to miss you loads, but I understand...we all need a break from the things we love every now and then, if only to make our bonds grow stronger.

So take your break, my friend, and may you come back soon!

Shobha said...

I kinda knew but still .. hope to see you back soon. Lovely pics :)

BangaloreMom said...

NOONIE!! Dont do this to me NOW, of all the times.....What a way to start the new year!!

Pls, pls come back soon...cant wait to see you back with that amazingly fresh perspective of yours on so many things....

Anonymous said...

Hi Noon,
I read yourblog often, though comment occasionally. Have a good break and do come back from it soon.
Will miss your posts

~nm said...

I know what you are saying. I've been through this myself. This phase of being away from blogworld. There were days when it got to me a bit too much.

So all I will say is I hope you manage to do what you want to and that someday (hopefully soon), you will somehow manage things so that you can come back here. Just don't say bye to it forever. Don't take that final decision.

Wishing a wonderful year ahead to wondernoon! :D

Mama - Mia said...

first a very Appy New Year!

all things beautiful and positive are wished for you!

and do drop me a line on when you have time! least will keep in touch on email till you are back in action!



Preethi said...

come back soon girl :)

dipali said...

We'll miss you. Come back soon.

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss you..:(

Take care and come back soon.

PS:There are days where I dont feel like writing at all!

noon said...

Tara - thanks for your warm words - feels good to know at least a few people will miss my blog posts - I would be a saint to not own up to that. But uncertainty is weighing me down and somehow I felt the need to cut down something - not sure if I did the right thing in deciding to take a break from the one thing that was like an outlet for me - but it felt to me like it was time to do so. I will miss writing...but I am glad I can still read other people's blogs and leave comments - not like facebook or something - you have to be a part of it to be in touch through facebook. Did you read my comments on your last few posts?

Ranj - Sorry - didn't mean to upset you on NY morn! :) Thanks also for the nice sentiments you have written.

Mmia - hah hah - don't think you can escape my comments! :) I won't let you miss me that* much! :) But thanks glad I chanced upon your blog and now I know I have a pal in Cal! :)

Shobha - thanks! :)

BM - sorry sorry - really didn't think that it would make any difference to people seriously - if I had thought it would be upsetting (not seriously, but mildly!) to people, I would not have done this on NY day! Anyways - we will be in touch!

Padma - thanks for delurking. When ever I read such comments, I wonder about that person - who is she, where is she located etc...esp since I can't link to yoru blog. Thanks for your kind words.

NM - no, am sure I will come back to blogging. It is a lot of fun writing...Thanks for your wishes!

Abha - of course, Ms.Happy cheerful, smiley face! :) Will mail you sometime soon...

Preethi - sure girl! Shall do!

Dipali - Thanks, will do!

Asaan - thanks girl! There are so many days I feel so blank - even if I want to write, nothing comes to mind coherently! You are amazing to be even blog when you have four kids - even with two I find it hard!

Aditi's Album said...

Enjoy ur break noonie and come back soon.

mimi said...

Noonieeeeeeeeeeeee...No..come back please..soon :)
I have been thru this phase so manytimes.but,everytime,i left i felt like i was leaving behind a part of,I knw u will be back.You will be sorely missed!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

But you not going write ??? How do we know about KG and KB ?
Please please make this a short break ...
I will miss you !!

Artnavy said...

wonderful snaps and happy 2009

when r u back from ur break??

Artnavy said...

hope this link works
else it is in the archives
the chennai edition -
Dec 6 2008
times property

Usha said...

Happy New year to you Noon.
Both of them look so beautiful. The kutti baby is already a li'l girl - sigh, how fast they grow!

Kodi's Mom said...

enjoy the break noon! but come back soon...

K3 said...

Happy New Year! Such great pics of the kids. Enjoy the break (but not too much - just so you come back sooner) :)


Suma said...

lovely pics, noon

and i quite understand what you mean.

have a good break but do get back soon...

K3 said...

Something for you on my space, I knw you are on a break - promise will not bother you [too] much! ;) Just thought of you, thts all!

Anonymous said...

Dear noon....HAPPy NEW YEAr
I cannot believe KG is 18 months???Now I am in search of Preschool for Aryan...Time goes so fast...
Aryan's MOm

noon said...

Aditi, Mimi, Art,CA, Usha, KM,K3, Suma,Aryan's mom

Feels like one of those acceptance speeches from the Golden Globes I just saw..Anyways - thanks so much for your kind comments. Will be back surely...just resisting the temptation to come back in a month! :) I miss it a lot but I have to resist this and other temptations too - email/web surfing being tops! :) Happy new year to all of you!

mummyjaan said...

Oh hey, every good thing needs a break once in a while.

Enjoy the new year. Great pics!

Neera said...

Oh noonoo

First things first - I was wonderfully delighted to see the absolute adorable KB and KG pictures ..had been missing them and this was a treat :)

Though I haven't been very active myself off late but still I'll miss reading ur blog when I turn to it. We'll of course stay in touch via e-mail.

Give urself and KB and KG a giant bear hug for me. And do keep recording small little moments or tidbits just for urself somewhere co they are just so precious to not remeber some day. Love and hugs :)

Rohini said...

No, Noonie!!!!!

Come back soon


Parul said...

Oh, I wish you didn't have to go, really....

For what it's worth, this really is a great post you know. It captures what I feel about blogging much better than anything that I could ever say.

Have a great break, you, and come back soon.

noon said...

Mummyjaan, Neera - thanks for your comments. Neera - I hope I do write down some things about the kids - but for this blog I wont' remember half the things!

Ro - thanks! And hope you write more often!

Parul - you made my day the day I read this comment - esp since I was so sick that day. Thanks! Sorry for the late response.