Monday, December 10, 2007

The little director!

KB is very disapproving of any affectionate gestures between his Mamma and Daddy. On occasion he would just smile like we were being so weird in even standing close to each other and look at us like "Why would you even do that?!".
On most occasions, if it got beyond tolerable distance (close) in his opinion, he would just scream "Ahhn Ahnn...." and gesture us to split apart. We of course did this deliberately to incite this reaction from him and would enjoy getting him all riled up about it.

The other day I had just finished nursing baby girl and had put her down on the pillow in front of me. As always KB came running and was playing around with her. B was home and joined in and sat next to me - both of us were on the edge of the bed and so huddled close to each other and watching the two kids. The little cop KB looked at us and we realized this was yet another opportunity to see his reaction. B came closer and put his hand around me. Neither of us budged when KB just turned and said "no no...vendam". Suddenly in frustration he just exclaimed "CUT"! :)

Guess that makes sense! :) He got the message across. We were in splits and split much to his relief!


Y said...

oh, that is just so cute!

came by from rohini's blog just now,

very, very cute!

Aryan said...

My gosh..the little director is very clever..
Aryan will cry if his papa or anyone come close to me and touch me. He pulls me away from them..
I am damn sure he can be KB's assistant in future.
Aryan's Mom

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...


Orchid said...

:)....Li'l A's reaction is quite the opposite..he becomes awfully quiet if we get all cozy....ofcourse he disapproves but he revolts by getting awfully quiet and guilts us into splitting :)

Kodi's Mom said...

totally cute :)
Cut is very appropriate! LOL!

chitra said...

OOh! how cute. Lil' director getting very possessive about his mamma now.

the mad momma said...

little director dictator! cut indeed! big hug to him!

mnamma said...

LOL! My god that is a cute little director! M and N are just the same – if we get any closer than the allowed limits they would give an exasperated look and say “Appa donnnnnnnnn’t touch Amma”.

noon said...

Y - thanks for visiting...and for the comment!

Aryan - Oh good, now they are a team of cops! :)

Anitha - :)

Orchid - Oh man, that's even worse - guilt tripping you into moving away! :)

Kodi - Cut is now our buzz word!

Chitra - you should see how angry he how could you do something so taboo!

MM - thanks! Dictator in more ways than one!

Mnamma - no mincing words from them! Both react the same way?

Terri said...

noon, so cute! He has his ancestors' genes in him.

ddmom said...

very cute! LOL! cut it is :)

noon said...

Terri - sure does! You know my neighbor from the previous house is a big believer in "remembering previous life" "life after death" type stuff (She has a Ph.d in Anthropology and also works on making short movies and worked as an actuary - I can write about her very unique personality!) - she told me "Oh, he is an old soul!" " I can see it in his eyes. He knows stuff"! Gosh - I didn't want her to spook me out - told her Oh, OK and stopped at that!

Kodi - I know. B laughed and said "Cutitout" and KB immediately caught on to it and started saying "Cutit ou". :)

Preethi said...

lol.. already??? of my you sure are in for big trouble...