Monday, February 20, 2012

Internet explorer

KB these days has taken to requesting that all four of us be together in the room while they fall asleep.  One night KB and KG were in bed and I was in between them.  KB kept calling for his dad to come and lie down next to him.  B was taking for ever.  When finally he came, KB laughed and said to me, "Mamma, daddy was as usual reading on the internet.  From now on, I am going to call him Internet Explorer".  KB only uses Mozilla and doesn't know about internet explorer except as the "e" symbol he sees on the screen.  Indeed KB, that is an apt name for your father and am sure most dads!

Another such light moment from KB happened again when he was lazing in the couch getting ready for bed.  He said to me, "Mamma, do you know what one bee said to another when it wanted to be entertained?".  "LET'S StING!".


Aparna said...

Cute! He's making up his own jokes/puns and what not now? Neat :)

Sumana said...

Cute and creative.All his very own stuff sounds so meaningful.

Neera said...

So cute :) Give us more noonoo, give us more!

noon said...

Aparna - occasionally. Not so often!

Sumana - yeah, they keep laughing at their own jokes - KB and KG.

Neera - not too many good ones:) Half the time I look at them like "What are you laughing so much about?". I found this one pretty good but they didn't really find it as funny as some of their random giggly ones!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

"Internet Explorer" - very creative !!!

My older one now wants us to narrate jokes / ask interesting brain teasers before bedtime.