Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best compliment if it were true!

This post is going to be again a bit of this and bit of that kind of post.  Either this or I will wait for ever to write a post that flows consistently in terms of topic and it may never happen.

So the other day KB was playing with his Scooby Doo ball and suddenly turned to me (of course thoughts are always going on in his head I think) and said, "Mamma, you have the most knowledge in this house.  I think you have Goddess Saraswathi in you!" I have told them and they have heard it in their Bal Vihar lessons that Saraswati is the goddess of learning.  I was so taken aback by the unexpected remark from KB.  Sadly, I could only feel sort of sad about it because it is only a matter of time before he knows a lot more than me and as of now it is B who knows the most amongst the four of us in the family.  B sometimes seems to me like some kind of walking encyclopedia of information.  But KB thinks I know the most in the family because I spend more time with them and I read to them more and explain things to him more often.  As it is for all his physics questions I send him off to his dad.  I am now reading "Steve Jobs" biography and one of the things (of the many) that struck me was when he said, "I discovered that I was smarter than my parents".  God, I hate the day when KB is going to think that of me.  But B said to me, all boys think that way at some point growing up.  May be that teen arrogance, I don't know.  Well, as of now, I should enjoy KB thinking so highly of me! :)

On the topic of Steve Jobs biography.  B was surprised I pre-ordered the book and am reading it now.  I didn't buy it because I wanted to read about some Mahatma.  Every one knows of Job's shortcomings as a person.  How nasty he was to so many people.  But the book makes for a very interesting read.  I find the man very intriguing.  And his life story has so many twists and turns that it is so unbelievable.  I love biographies in general.  Especially of people who come from ordinary backgrounds and do so well in life.  I have reserved this book in the library and I hope to read about this amazing person as soon as I finish Jobs's biography.  It is mind blowing sometimes what is possible when there is a will and if the person is lucky enough to come across the right situations, a few encouraging people and so on.  At the same time, God knows how many people don't end up succeeding purely because of bad luck and not being in the right place.

I have to go now to take KB to his basketball class. But before that a quick lament about my trip to the mall this morning.  I hate going to malls let alone first thing in the morning.  But I want to buy a 100% cotton sweater that is nicely tailored and preferably with buttons or with a zipper.  Unbelievable.  I went to Macy's, JCP, Sears, Old Navy and looked at some online sites.  Within a budget of 50 dollars (I upped it from my usual max 20 to 50 only because I am just not able to find one), I am not able to find a single sweater that I like! The choices for 100% cotton sweaters is so limited this year.  I am so annoyed that finding a good cotton sweater that too in the holiday season when every store is amply stocked is this hard for me.  Even finding a good sweater needs luck!!

On that note, ciao! And Ranjani - will post on the school change news in the next post!


Sumana said...

Surely the best noon. I would be very very pleased if i ever to get to hear this from my kids. Enjoy it while in. Because I have noticed this as well that teenagers or preteens now think they are really smarter then their parents. Amazing how KB framed this and hats off to you spending so much time, i should say quality time with the kiddos.Hugs to KB and KG.

Aparna said...

Aah, noon, so wonderful to hear such things from kids even if we know its not true. Being a superstar for even a short time rocks!
Hope you find the sweater soon. You are another mall-hater like me, then? I detest going to malls AND then not finding what I want!

noon said...

Sumana - It's not anything extraordinary. Am sure all of you do the same - spend a lot of time with them. Now with school till 2.30 p.m. and then classes/TV etc, I don't get much time with KB.
Yeah - I almost feel guilty that he thinks this way because I am not one of those knowledge store houses like some people this level I can answer things but like if he suddenly brought me a calculus problem I would have to dig out my books and start all over and learn it again. I hate it that my husband doesn't have to do that - he will just do it. :( I am happy for him but imagine if KB sees that happen! Thud!

Aparna - I can stand malls for half an hour may be. I get claustrophobic in the midst of so much goods and so many people...I get so overwhelmed esp if I have to look for something like this and I have to go from store to store...
I have to comment on your amazing Udaipur trip/photos. I really enjoy your trip photos/hearing about it.

Gayatri said...

- :)Enjoy the 'compliments' while they last...I guess at this point of time we are 'looked up' at then there is sure to be a phase when they are puzzled at how novice we are...:D
- Hope u get that sweater gal :)

Anything & Everything said...

i know nice comments from ur kids r indeed the best ones, even better than ur hubbies, i guess. how old is KB dear?

Neera said...

So sweet :) I think your kids appreciate the very fact that you spend so much time listening to their questions and making all possible efforts answering them. LOL at your response to Sumana ..I think u should already bring out your calculus books because at the rate KB is progressing, he'll get the problems to u v soon :) Sashtang pranam to ur husband for remembering that just like that! Ur kids are v lucky in many ways.

Its funny at my home, Jiya thinks I am v smart and Vansh thinks I am v strong because I can help him untangle his shoe lace knots, open his coat zip when he's zipped it all wrong and things like that :)

noon said...

Gayatri - yeah - I know it will change! Sweater - I gave up on sweater and got a jecket kind instead - cotton hooded light jacket. It feels warm and comfortable and fits very well. So am happy. Got a sweat shirt for inside the house.

A&E - KB is 6yrs 3m old. Surely a compliment from the kids that comes spontaneously is way more precious than one from husband! :)

Neera - you girl - you are queen of doing amazing things with the kids. You spend so much quality time with them. About getting the calculus book out for KB, don't get me started. I will write it in a post if I ever get to it. But I am not at all happy. His math has become stagnant and not only that it is going backwards. No time at all. If he had not been going to school it might have been way better than it is now. I asked B yesdy (just to make sure) if I gave him a calculus problem if he can do it right away - he said - yeah matter of factly. I told him how annoyed and J I was and what's wrong with me - I too did two semesters of Calculus and got top marks both terms - but I literally remember nothing of it. Nothing. I would have to start all over. Makes me depressed when I think about it. He said it is because he used a lot of it in grad schl, esp his Master's thesis was engg physics which used a ton of Calculus it seems. Thank God - at least he was nice about it. But I really feel sad that I don't remember soo much of what I have learned in the past. What's the point it feels like!