Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 conversation between six year olds

We went to the local park last evening where KB's friend also joined us.  There was a small gathering of people for a 9/11 memorial speech.  Police officers were standing around in the periphery.  I had talked to KB about 9/11 that morning.  I happened to over hear the conversation between KB and his friend.

KB: You know S, ten years back, some bad guys came in a plane and knocked down two towers by ramming the plane into the towers.  Lots of people died because of that.

S: Oh!

KB: Yeah, and now they have made a big water fall in that spot to remember all the people that died.  And they have built another humongous tower next to it.  It is 1776 feet tall.

S: Is this real life stuff?

It was such an innocent and simple line from his friend.  But it is so true.  The insanity of such terrorist acts makes you really think, "Could this be happening in real life?".  It has to be the stuff of violent comic books. Not real life.  I hope some day in the future that becomes a reality - that such things do not happen in real life. 


Aparna said...

Indeed, even now I feel it could not have happened. It does feel like some particularly horrible sequence from a book/movie. Not real-life.

Sumana said...

The day it happened, we were at the metra just getting off a train and we see this on TV. I was like thinking i am watching an action movie. Still cannot believe. Now that i hear different stories aftermath, i don't know what to believe.

Gayatri said...

- Kids jus tell the most 'real' lines so innocently right?
- So so so wish the world gets to be free from all the stuff pandora let loose :)

DegeSMS said...

it could not happened.

noon said...

Aparna - yes, it does feel so unreal.

Sumana - I was in the lab looking through the microscope when someone came to me and said this was happening. I just could not believe the scale of it when I later saw it on TV. Just the night before the house I was in was burgled - my new laptop and my housemate's new laptop were stolen by someone - I was so shocked when I walked into my house at night and found someone had broken in from the kitchen. But the next morning this happened and I instantly felt like - Damn, it's just a laptop. No big deal. At least thankfully I was not home when the robber broke in. But on the scale of what was happening on 9/11 this was insignificant.

Gayatri - so true. Kids just say it as it is and it touches you more than eloquently spoken lines!

Neera said...

I have been reading the book 'Three cups of tea' and its scary to read the part where he says how Madrasas sprang up by the hundreds almost overnight, funds pouring in like free flowing water, brainwashing young boys who were sent there by their parents to make up for the lack of schools that the government failed to provide and I cringe at the thought of what might be in store for generations of youth being trained that way :( I really hope and wish and pray that somehow peace prevails and all the senseless violence never ever becomes real. :(

Preethi said...

Very well put! The whole incident is indeed surreal...watching it on tv t year after year still it feels so fresh and heart rending! Trust a kid to put it like it is!