Monday, August 22, 2011

La di da

KG, my four old daughter, is just the opposite on KB in so many ways.  In all the ways that he is serious, she is totally carefree.  We call him "Thatha" and call her "Kuttima" or "Titapapa (sister papa)".  It is a joy for us to see her be so carefree and just enjoy the present moment.

KB has a sweet tooth more than any of us in the family.  She loves ice cream and loves chocolate chip cookies.  I never had to deal with rationing it for KB because he will not eat those even if I offered it to him.  But my dear KG, she can spot a tiny little picture of an ice cream cone in some corner of the zoo or aquarium when we go and immediately turn to me with bright eyes and say, "Mamma, what is that picture? Are you going to get me ice-cream?".  One day at home, I gave her a Haggen-daaz choco-bar even without her asking for it just to surprise her.  The next day around the same time, she asked me for one.

Me: KG, you can't have ice-cream everyday.
KG: Why not Mamma?
Me: It's not healthy to eat ice-cream everyday.  You will become fat and then you won't be able to move around fast and you won't be able to swim well (since she had just started her swim lessons, I just randomly said that).
KG: That's OK.  My teacher can just push me in the water!
Another conversation pointing to her la di da nature.  It's bedtime and I am lying next to her and just listening to the music.

KG: Mamma, I wish I could sleep all the time. I like to sleep. It's fun!

Yes, of course, my dear! It is fun to just listen to music and go to sleep!
After eating three chocolate chip cookies she stormed into the kitchen in the middle of her playing and said to me:

"Mamma,  you know I am going to stop eating chocolates"

Me: Really? Why?

KG: Because it is bad for me.  Bacteria will make holes in my teeth. No more chocolate chip cookies OK. One last one and then no more!
Me:  KG, please remember to close the back yard door after you finish playing.  I lock it and then you open it when we are leaving and I don't even know you have opened it.  What if a robber comes and steals your toys?

KG: Then I will just look at him like this (makes an angry face) and shout at him and say "Don't steal my toys!! OKKK!!!"


Sumana said...

Loved her answers. Are'nt they just smart and cool as it should be. Can you ever say no to this girl when she says one more and this is the last. Wonderful post. It is fun to get to know what goes on in their little brains.

Gayatri said...

- I loved the cookie line :)
- And of course her reaction to the robber...what attitude ;b...cute :)

ranjani.sathish said...

How adorable ...she is a darling :-)

Aryan said...

So sweet...

Aparna said...

She's a very cool girl :) Reminds me a lot of my daughter. LOL on the swim teacher pushing her into the water!

Rohini said...

Cutie pie! And a sharp one at that.

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Islam said...

Thank your for sharing
Messenger of Allah

Preethi said...

What an adorable little girl :) I am having fun catching up on your posts after such a long time! :)