Saturday, April 30, 2011

31 x 3

KB had a homework assignment couple of days back.  He had to buy something for under a dollar and give exact change to buy what he wanted.  And he had to write about it.  I was planning to just take him to Target and find something for under a dollar. 

My sister called me from the bay area and told me that her teenage daughter, my niece, had informed her that Baskin Robbins was having a 31C per scoop special.  And she had gone out for ice-cream.  I usually never go specifically to buy ice cream.  KB does not eat ice-cream and somehow because of it we don't go just to get ice-cream.  But this time around, I thought it would be fun for KB to buy something for under a dollar and buy ice-cream for his sister.  KG likes ice cream and  she had asked me for some that day. 

After KB and KG had their dinner, I went to the ice-cream place and stood in line.  When I got closer to the entrance, I called B and he brought the kids over.  KB had a lot of fun ordering for his little sister and he made sure he gave the exact change to the clerk.  He bought three scoops of which some were of course eaten by the parent! They climbed on the low wall along with other imps who were running around.  Overall they had so much fun.  For a change I thought it was worth having waited in line for 45 minutes.  KB gave exact change for 93 C and mentioned KG's favorite ice-cream flavors.  It was delightful because it made KB feel important and more because unexpectedly on a week day evening, we went as a family just to buy a few scoops of ice-cream.  The whole thing felt so simple and nice.  It was a truly jolly evening with kids playing all over the place while parents stood in line and at the end of it you get a sweet treat!  And of course I thought this made his home work also more interesting rather than buying some useless item at Target.  KB asked for a cone - just the cone, no ice-cream - for himself.  Thank God he at least had that - if not I would have felt guilty eating my "Tax-crunch, nutty coconut, Cherry jubilee" triple scoop! Well, we went for a 31C special and ended up having so much fun. Am sure this summer we will go there a few more times, of course at 3.99 per scoop probably!


Rohini said...

Ooh, a post! I am so glad you wrote :)

Such a sweet homework assignment. And how nice of him to be willing to spend it on ice cream when he doesn't eat it :)

Why doesn't he eat ice cream?

noon said...

Hey Ro - he is the resident Rishi in our house. I am afraid to chew gum - though I very rarely buy gum - in front of him - he will glare at me and say - are you eating gum?! He willingly dumped the dum dum lollipops in the trash when I told him it had artificial food coloring which may not be good for children. He somehow never liked ice cream. May be the cold...and his tendency for coughs. Not sure...

And yes, you truly inspired me to post because I enjoy reading yours...I hate it when I go to my fav bloggers and none of them have new posts. Not that people are so eager to read mine - just saying. I could not find the words late last night but somehow managed to post it half asleep!

How is the move - write more details!

Rohini said...

KB is a sweetheart.

Move will start happening when the packers and movers arrive in a week from now. Will update then :)

Neera said...

Such a sweet post! Loved his homework and how it made him feel so important and special. Its these everyday things which eventually turn into life long memories,no?! V sweet.

Aryan said...

KB is real sweetheart..Great homework assignment yaar