Friday, March 25, 2011

Is god alive?

Normally a question like that comes loaded with the anxiety and anguish of the person saying it.  But coming from a child the question "Is God alive?" is just that - a question of pure curiosity.  KB was talking to me about something - I can't remember the context of the conversation - but I said something like - "That's why God gave us a mind to think!".  I knew the moment I said it that the conversation will turn to God. 

KB immediately asked me, "Mamma, is God alive?".  I was in the middle of what I was doing and I didn't want the conversation to turn in this direction.  So I just made light of his question and said, "Well, KB, hard to say.  Anyway - I was just saying that we can think".  He pondered still about his own question and said, "Mamma, I think God is something someone made up.  It is just a word, it is not a real person.  It is like how you say Leprechaun". 

Oh dear! How did it come to this! I did not continue the conversation about this at that point in time.  He still has his favorites when it comes to Gods.  Hanuman is his most favorite God.  But on the other hand this idea has somehow gotten into his head.  I guess the ambivalence I feel about God is something he feels too.  He has to develop his own personal God as he grows up and comes to understand his world more and more.  Nevertheless, it was funny in its own way!

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