Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fantasy world!

I had written long time back about how KB and I have this tradition of coming up with story titles, taking turns each night. Either me or his dad have to then come up with some made up story based on that title. The next morning KB usually tells me the story.

In the process we realized how fantastic children's imagination at this stage (he will be four in Aug) can be. The kinds of names KB comes up with for the characters in his stories! These are either animal stories or people stories. Some of the names he comes up with makes me think he has been secretly reading Tolkein or C.S.Lewis. Before I fall asleep on the keyboard I will quickly write down some of the names he gives to characters (it always involves a boy and his little sister or just two brothers) stories. He comes up with these names as we start telling the story. Funnily enough, he also tells me how old they are and the little girl is always two but the boy's age varies between 4 and 8.

I usually start off saying, "Once there was a little boy and his name was" and then KB says, "let me think" and in a couple of seconds comes up with some random name. Only in the last one week I have remembered to actually write them down. I felt really guilty that he has been coming up with these really exotic names for his story characters and I don't remember any of them. So I wrote down some of them. Here are some for your amusement!

The cricket story :
Vrittan - age 7
Gernik - age 2

The little girl who was mischievous:
Vurukerak - age 7
Juveliar - age 2

The little boy who wants to be an orthopedist:
Aver - age 6

The little boy who tells time correctly:
Joar - age 5
Ribi - age 2

The little girl gets a time out: (I think this was the title)
Kittrank - age6
Keedle - age 2
Velk - Mom
Zon - Dad
Ms.Dank - teacher

The blue whale and the sea turtle:
Kraker - age 5
Halle - age 2

The frog and the goat:
Daquiri - age 5
Lavel - age 2
Relaver - Uncle

As is this wasn't enough for him every day, he has told my mom that he is going to give her 100,000 names. He doesn't know what that number really means - but every now and then he walks by paati and says "Paati, your name is Zeel". And my mom will say to him "Seal". He then says, "Seal ille paati, Zeel...Z - Zebra'le varume". And then she has to correct herself and say "Zeel".

We went to Seaworld last weekend and bought him a little dolphin and KG a little whale. As soon as we got home he went on to name the dolphin and KG's whale as
"Wuruke" and "Zam" respectively.

I better stop - I am falling asleep on the computer!


Aryan said...

wow that is really a great imagination..
zebrala varunme...ahh..I loved that talk..

Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! Look at KB's imagination. He must be having such fun coming up with all the names :)
I had been to Seaworld once and I too picked up a dolphin and a whale stuffed toys. KT plays with them now.

Tharini said...

My God...what cute and funny names Noonie! Loved the way they all sounded, and somehow just fit the characters you named.

I admire that you take time to sit and tell stories. Its something I've been thinking about to revive out here...we've lost touch with our imaginations. Thanks for this spark of inspiration.

noon said...

Aryan - hey - how are you?! Yeah - my God - the way he keeps teaching Paati phonics - even for Tamil words - he tells her - "Yeli" (for rat) ille paati, "Eli" "e" as in elephant! :) It is too funny.

CofS - yeah - he totally loves the whole story process. He lives in fantasy land most of the time I think. Every little thing is a story or game - he was that way when he was two plus not much has changed now! :) Come again to Sea world girl - will be so much fun! Come come come!!!!

Tara - Thanks girl! You do so many amazing things with your kids - hey - what happened to the doll house? Did you ever post a photo of it? Or did I miss it?

Anonymous said... cute..names are so funny and of course so imaginative! Should try this with my little one! Wonder where he would come up with these names from...

sinusoidally said...

How cute is he :-) Your son should meet my husband who also comes up with a zillion new names each day for me :-)

bird's eye view said...

That's a lovely game, noon. And fab names from KB - i love them.

noon said...

Anon :Thanks for visiting...not sure if you are visiting for the first time. Yeah, kids have such amazing sad we loose so much of it as we grow up...

Sinusoidally - thanks!

BeV - not surprising, the writer in you will love these names! :) Your kind of thing! :)

Mama - Mia said...

this is so awesome!! :D i loved all the names! if i have baby num 2 i know whom to ask! :)