Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And thus we decide who will lead the nation!

The much anticipated Election day is here. In an hour or so (by the time you read this for sure), it will be close to "prediction" time. And then the exact numbers. The winner at hand. Who will make the first announcement? Will they bungle it up like they did in 2000? No, I guess not.

I went to vote this morning - I had considered early voting or vote by mail but decided to just go to the polling booth. I had actually wanted to take KB along - but practical issues made me decide against it. I had to be there before the place opened to make sure I was back home before B left for work. KB was asleep then. And despite going before the polling place opened, there was a long line - but thankfully it moved quickly and I was back home in about 45 minutes.

It was exciting to vote especially when the whole nation is so excited about having the power to elect their president. Somehow, this time around you can feel the pulse of the nation as it comes together to choose its leader. Even in my family this time around, my nephew has been writing blogs and working non stop campaigning and making calls to voters. Two of my sisters have been volunteering at the campaign booths and all of us siblings have been having so many email discussions and arguments about all this. In a strange way, after having children who are born citizens of this country, I feel a greater sense of belonging here and a greater eagerness to be part of the voting process. I am hoping that by the time the next election comes around, the kids will be more independent and I can actually get involved a lot more and volunteer some time and effort towards all this.

I am sure some of my dear blog pals can guess who I voted for. But in honor of my dad who never used to tell us who he voted for, just for kicks, I too will leave it to guessing.

Waiting for the headlines to strike!

Power to the people!


Mama - Mia said...


the exitment has been so high!! i mean we have been experiencing it in India sitting miles away!! :)

and you can keep your kicks to yourself!! we all know! :p

it was really nice reading this! :)



Preethi said...

I bet it was Obama!!! ;) His acceptance speech was thrilling.. and so was Mc Cain's gracious speech!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

You sound soo excited !! How cool !

Mystic Margarita said...
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Mystic Margarita said...

I bet I CAN say who it is, but won't! :)

Neera said...

"I bet I CAN say who it is, but won't! :)"

Yes We Can!! ;)

noon said...

Howdy all,

Yes we can indeed! It was a super thrilling moment for me. Everything aside to think that this country has matured enough to choose a black man itself was so thrilling. Never ever thought this would happen so soon. It is true - they have chosen someone for the content of his character and not for the color of his skin. To see some of the black news folks choking and telling us about the stories of their parents (janitors and such) and to think they have come this far...From 1963 to now - to think that change has really come - that we were witnessing history happen and to have been a part of it - just gives me goose bumps. He is not going to be flawless and considering the huge baggage of problems he is inheriting, it is going to be an uphill task. But this moment deserves celebration in itself. I loved McCain's speech too Preethi. In fact liked it better than Obama's speech. Felt like Obama's didn't match the historic weight of that moment...And sheesh - did you see that outfit that Michelle Obama wore?! Where on earth did she pick that up!
Mamamia - OK - shall keep the kicks to myself ;).

Sumana said...

I can understand your excitement. As mama-mia said sitting miles away here, we can still feel the heat. One surprising this i heard was there is a club of Bangalore people who supported obama's campaigning by wiring around 4000$ collected raising funds. Not a big amount for campaigns though but see the involvement.

Artnavy said...

Obama is really very charming. Cheers to the people.

Usha said...

With the added dimensions of the possibility of a woman president (earlier) or an African-American, all of us around the world watched the elections with greater interest this time. I hope your candidate won.

Anonymous said...

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