Friday, October 24, 2008

When the cruel mother over works the little boy!

I sometimes dish out dramatic dialogues to KB just for the fun of it - partly meaning what I say and partly just to get him going into his "deep thought" mode. One day, B came home late and was exhausted. After a long day of taking care of both kids, especially when both kids had somehow been quite demanding, I had just sat down in the couch after dinner to just catch my breath. B had finished his meal and was loading the remaining dishes in the dishwasher. KB saw a bowl of cheerios that I had kept for KG and just on a whim turned it upside down and spilled it all over that area. Both of us got mighty annoyed at KB for his baby type mischeif and chided him. B grabbed a broom and gathered the spilled stuff and trashed it. As he was doing this I told KB, "Pavam Daddy, ivvlo tired'aa irukarche, you are making him do so much work. Pavam illaya Daddy...edukkaga nee indha maari panre? (Poor Daddy, when he is so tired, you are making him do so much work...why do you do this?).

Two days back:

Soon after the kids had their lunch (after KB returned from his preschool program), I took KG upstairs to change her diaper and take her to her crib for her afternoon nap. Just as I was changing her diaper, I asked KB to get me a facial tissue (which is use to dab a little bit of oil that I sometimes put on her skin) from the drawer.

KB says to me "Pavam KB, tired'aa irukache, he has to go get tissue for you!".

Kids these days!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hahaha! Confunded yet again! It's happened to me too.

One day, when the EO was being particularly difficult, I dramatically put my hands on my head, looked heavenwards and said "Paagol korey debey amaakey aamaar ei chhele-taa!" (This son of mine is going to drive me mad!)

Of course I had the same gesture and words repeated the very next day, the word 'chhele' (boy/son) being replaced by 'mamma'!

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL! You'll soon have KB (maybe KG, too, a few months down the line) and daddy forming a union to demand their rights! I know I have the apparently overworled and downtrodden R trying to draft popol already! :)

dipali said...

Smart kiddo!

Mama - Mia said...

hahahaha!! :)

grown up phrases sound so funny and cute when being said by kids!! :)

he is a smart l'il guy!



DotThoughts said...

lol. the guy had a point, I must say.
*ducks as noon hurls a box if wipes at me*

Usha said...