Friday, September 05, 2008

KB speak

KB along with his sister is growing in different ways. A lot of personality changes that I feel has come about because of his little sister. He was always very playful and silly but now he has become very mischievous as well. He throws random objects up in the air, hides things in the CD player, sprays water all over the window shades with his sister's feeding bottle etc...It is a lot of fun and it is very interesting for me to see how her presence has changed him. I only wish her eating habits (she is also very difficult to feed these days but she is so willing and eager to try new foods unlike him) would also rub off on him.

KB is also getting better at defending himself because he has learned to fight her for his toys when she comes and grabs them from him. He has always been confident and bold in talking to adults but with physically stronger kids in the playground, he used to shy away. But now he just verbally tells them to move and give way for him if they are blocking the slide or tells them "Go, it's my turn now". I am hoping that preschool will help him with this even more. I don't want him to learn aggressive behavior but I am happy to see him feel physically confident around other children, even if he is smaller than them.

Now for some KB speak.

We got back from the library and as I was getting lunch ready for the kids, I asked KB to play some music. I tried to give him the CD instead of letting him choose one. He raised his voice and said "Eddddukaga indha maari pannre?". (WHY are you doing this?). I told him, "KB, kutti boys are not allowed to yell at their mamma's. Only big people yell if little kids do something wrong". It was sort of a light exchange. I went about my work soon after.

KB was trying to change CDs in the player when, as always, KG came running towards him to grab the CD he was holding. He turned to her and said "Kutti baby, Little girls should not disturb boys...Okay?!" .

OK thatha, I think to myself.
We were reading a book "Best friends" while I was givnig him his lunch. I then casually asked him, "Who is your best friend, KB?" and he replied with the same casual tone "Mamma" and turned the page. I guess I should enjoy this status while it lasts!
KB doesn't like it if his clothes are wet or his hands/feet are wet when he is at home. It's OK if he is in the water at the beach - but the moment he steps out, he has to be changed,cleaned etc.
The other day we were in the yard and his shorts got a little wet when he was playing at the water table. When he asked that his shorts be changed, I told him "It's OK, it's just a little bit of will dry up, KB".

Today while I was having my lunch, he poured some water from KG's water bottle into a cup and poured it on my pants. I told him not to pour water one me. He did it again on the other leg. I told him "KB, no, please don't put water on my pants, I will get wet now". Very sweetly, he tells me, "It's OK Mamma, it's just a little bit of water. It will dry up Mamma!".
Today the four of us were in the yard watering plants. I went back in to do some clean up work in the garage. B told me that KB asked him to give some water to the wind. B asked him why, he said, "Give some water to the wind, Daddy, wind is feeling thirsty". And B threw some water up in the air both kids delighted in it!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

All this sounds sooo familiar! And yes of course, adorable!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

A taste of your own medicine, huh?
Great about his confidence around other kids. Totally need that! Hope it stays that way :)

Aryan said...

oh no...I missed so many so many posts..noonie...just stopped blogging now and will stop once in for all after my Hundredth post...S

Belated happy birthday to KB And KG...So cute she is looking in that green pattu pavadai....
I would love to hear KB cute he is about the water episode...
Even though he is three...his innocence is so much on his face...Feel like kadichufying him.......

noon said...

Mm - thanks ! :)

GND - Yup. He sure does give me a taste of my own medicine. He starts school Sep 10 - keeping my fingers crossed!

Aryan - missed you! I have been very irregular with blog - reading and writing...
I shall kadichufy KB on your behalf. Each time I say that he says all kinds of things - I will throw Kadichu in the bulb and it will burst or I will throw it into the CD player and shut the door etc! :)
Man can you believe Aryan is two?! He was this little baby popping his head out of the thooli only yesterday! Now he is asking for blue S?! :)

~nm said...

Hahahahah! Loved reading his talks! They are so funny yet to amusing!

Preethi said...

KB is so adorable!!! And I love the way he is speaking up to other kids ... yes you are right.. play school will help him better.. :)

K 3 said...

We love KB speak posts - he is so adorable and smart. Keep them coming

Neera said...

Oh noonoo, really these posts are the best for me as well because I can draw so many similarities in our kids.
Yeah Vansh bosses around too with Jiya - at times loudly and at times very very gently - Jiya aise nahin karte lallu :) and its heartening to see at least I am gentle with him sometimes which is what he is imitating ;) But it always brings a smile to my face.
I know how glad you are to see KB stand up for himself when with other kids. Smart boy!
Much hugs to KB and KG.

Mama - Mia said...


how often do you say meri hi billi mujhko hi miaow!! hehe!!

KB is one smart dude, aint he??!

loved all his talk!!



DotThoughts said...

so cute :) he is adorable

bird's eye view said...

kids are devastatingly quick at turning our own words against us, eh? BTW something for you on my blog!